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Write Your Plans in Pencil – Mackenzie Schwartz

Got plans? Got a pencil? How about an eraser? We make plans every day. However, a large majority of the time, the plans we make never turn out exactly the way we had intended. Learning this lesson early in life is very valuable, but the understanding needs to come from something greater.

We can plan and prepare, but…

God is the one in control. Therefore, our plans may need some adjusting and redirecting.

I am constantly planning and thinking ahead. Over the last four years, I have learned to write my plans in pencil and give God the eraser. This task is not easy, especially in a society where we want things our way and we want them NOW.

Plans when I came to college

I came to college planning to become a clinical counselor with a focus on marriage and family therapy. However, a few short months later, plans were already changing. As I began to discover my passions and strengths, God was revealing to me a different path.

I felt led to continue studying psychology but with a focus in marketing rather than counseling. This allowed me many opportunities that shaped who I am today.

Plans after graduating

Graduating in three and half years put me in a situation that was different than what I had planned. However, it also put me in a place that required a lot more plans to be made as the next chapter in my life was to begin.

I graduated in December 2016 and was planning on moving to South Dakota to work in marketing or event planning. After multiple applications and interviews, I was becoming very discouraged. I then felt that God was pointing me to Fargo, North Dakota.

I began going through the same process in the Fargo area. Still, feeling defeated and frustrated to see God’s plan, I did not know what I was going to do. I had taken action but felt like I was not getting an answer from God. This moment was when I realized that I just needed to sit back and let Him do the leading.

Where I am now

I spent a lot of time in prayer, asking for guidance in the next chapter of my life. Before I knew it, I could clearly see the path I was being called to; it was right back where I left off just a few months earlier. I am happy to say that I am back at the University of Jamestown working in the admissions department.

I can confidently say that is not what I had planned, but God had. Because of that, I am grateful to be following Him along my journey of life. Looking back, I would not have changed the process that led me right back to where I was.

My story, as well as each and every one else’s story, is being written every day. Whether or not you are willing to pick up the pencil and give God the eraser is up to you as an individual. We need to be prepared and make plans, but also be ready for those plans to change daily.

I would like to leave you with one more quote to ponder as you continue on in your planning of life. Remind yourself daily, “I do not know what tomorrow holds, but I do know who holds tomorrow.”

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Posted:April 28, 2017

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