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Blessing in Disguise – Paige Emmel

With every plan, decision, or path we decide to take in life, we are bound to run into some bumps along the way. When we are confronted with these challenges, it is easy to become discouraged, upset, or depressed, but it is up to us to decide how we want to respond and keep moving past these bumps.

It is very difficult to think about long-term effects when you are faced with short-term challenges and trials. Through reflection on the situation and a change of attitude and personal outlook, oftentimes the setbacks and problems that we face throughout our lives turn out to be the greatest blessings in disguise.

My blessing in disguise occurred my sophomore year of college when I tore my ACL and meniscus.

During this time, I was extremely disheartened that I was physically not able to play basketball and compete with the rest of my teammates, let alone even make a full leg rotation on a stationary bike.

Over the course of two knee surgeries, a year and a half of intense rehab and physical therapy, and sitting out for almost two full basketball seasons, I had more than enough time to reflect on how I was going to overcome this seemingly impossible obstacle.

Since I was a little girl, and now a college athlete, I have always been a basketball player, and it has definitely defined a part of who I am today.

When the ability to play basketball was taken away from me, I struggled with knowing how to handle the situation and what I was going to do to overcome it. Throughout being tested by my own personal doubt and uncertainty, I had a great support system of family, friends, teammates, coaches, and trainers that all took on the role of encouraging, motivating, and giving me a desire to push myself harder than I ever have before.

My faith, along with daily prayers, personal reflection, and encouragement from my support system all played a huge part of this process. All of these influences helped me shift my personal outlook to face this setback as a chance for me to pursue a long-term goal with an intense drive and determination.

As I am about to finish my fourth year of college and am just beginning to prepare for life in the real world, I have found a greater appreciation of the University of Jamestown and its community.

Now, looking back, my knee injury has allowed me to stay in Jamestown for one more year to continue to develop my education as a fifth-year senior, play one last year of college basketball with some of my best friends and teammates, and has taught me to be thankful that I have the abilities to have an active lifestyle again.

Thinking back to all of the amazing people I have met and great things I’ve been able to experience at college, I cannot help but think of my knee injury and how much of a blessing in disguise it has really been.

No matter how big or difficult the setbacks and trials you face in your life may be, by shifting your attitude and personal outlook it can completely change your mindset and your response to the situation.

My blessing in disguise has taught me that with the right attitude, along with finding encouragement from a support system who genuinely cares for you, you are able to overcome so much more than you thought you ever could.

Sometimes your biggest disappointments or failures set you up for your greatest success. It is up to you to decide how you are going to respond to the setbacks and bumps in your life, but I guarantee you they can be some of the greatest blessings in disguise.

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Posted:April 14, 2017

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