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Oh the Places You’ll Grow – Hannah Heilman

“Like wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would.” – E.V. Thompson

Class of 2017…

As we enter into our final days spent here at the University of Jamestown, we may often find ourselves looking back on where we started, how we have grown, and where we will end up.

This “journey to success” wasn’t always an easy one, but it was worth it. Looking back on everything that happened, I wouldn’t change a thing, and I hope you feel the same. Everything happened, and is happening, for a reason. It is helping us grow.

Let’s look back on the years.

From every awkward “freshman trying to make friends” conversation, late-night cram session, procrastinated paper, and roomie bonding night, we have taken at least one thing. Each experience has helped us to grow in one way or another. Growing isn’t always overnight, and it isn’t always noticeable.

Think back on the wildflowers…

They didn’t blossom overnight. Each started as a little seed. That seed was comfortable in its shell, where it had always been. But that seed had to fall apart, crack, and completely let down its walls in order to experience something completely new.

Then with all the strength it had, it grew. It wasn’t easy for the delicate new stem to work its way through the rich soil towards the surface. But when it did, it saw the sun.

The sun helped it grow faster and stronger, but not without some bad weather moving in. The stem survived. The stem may not be pretty, but it survived. And as time went on, the stem grew stronger, and more confident, webbing roots through the ground in which it grew.

Until one day it happened. That hard-shelled seed, turned into a beautiful wild flower.

We are that seed.

We are that seed coming into college, only ever knowing our hometown friends from high school. Starting college knowing few, if any, other students was a challenge. Weeding through the different faces and putting yourself out there to ultimately find your lifelong friends took work and vulnerability, like the delicate stem in the soil.

All the opportunities and challenges we faced were our weather. Some turned out with rainbows; others needed time before we saw the sun again. However, we did it. And in whatever ways we grew, whether it be personally, spiritually, or intellectually, it took a lot of stamina and it wasn’t always pretty.

But, as we became more adapted to this life, we found ourselves sprouting roots, and building connections. Until one day, we realized we had blossomed.

For those of you reading this who are not seniors…

I hope you know that you can do this.

For those of you reading this who are seniors…

I hope you recognize that you have made it. You have grown from everything that has happened. And, I hope you understand that this process starts over again for us in May. You did it once, and blossomed. You can do it again.

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Posted:March 31, 2017

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