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Reflections from a Homecoming King – Chase Johnson

Being involved in multiple organizations, a sports team, and a major with professors that push you to your full potential can be challenging. These challenges gave me the willingness to undertake changes that offered opportunities for growth as a person. This growth can best be seen in the form of commitment.

In all of my experiences at the University of Jamestown, I’ve tried to involve myself in all of my encounters to the best of my ability – whether it be a simple hello to a classmate while walking past them in the library, or meeting with a recruit to encourage them to be a Jimmie. That is what being a Jimmie is all about – commitment.

As Jimmies we make numerous commitments.

We commit to our athletic teams and teammates, our professors, friends, and much more. Through these commitments, we are committing ourselves to this school. One could argue this idea goes for all Universities in America, but I believe UJ is special.

Why UJ is special.

It’s special because our commitment comes from the campus’ commitment to us as students. I’m a firm believer that I wouldn’t be nearly as good of a student without UJ. This campus is committed to helping its students grow and ensuring they reach their full potential – whether it be in the classroom, residence life, athletics or anything else offered from campus.

This dedication allows over half of us to endure the hardships from being a student athlete without thinking twice about it. By being committed to the University of Jamestown, we are committed to something greater than ourselves. We also know the commitment is equally given back towards us from the University.

Thank you University of Jamestown…

for committing to me and allowing me to experience the life experiences I have these past four years.

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Posted:October 21, 2016

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