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2016 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

The 2016 Alumni Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonu was held May 6th at the Gladstone Inn in Jamestown.

Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

Dr. Kimlyn Bender
Jeffrey Frommelt
Clarice Liechty
Receiving Emeritus Status

Sue Anderson Professor Emerita
Dr. Gary Watts Dean Emeritus
John Jensen Trustee Emeritus
Kimlyn Bender Jeff Frommelt Clarice Liechty
Dr. Badal Dr. Badal & Sue Anderson John Jensen
Gary & Myra Watts, Jim Stone Ed Nafus, Arlyce Widmer, Jan Frommelt, Tessa Gould & Jeff Frommelt
Jim Unruh, Liz Hunt & Candy Unruh Elmer Schindel, Jim Unruh, Ed Nafus & Jeff Frommelt
Bruce Berg, Myra Watts & Terry Anderson Gary & Myra Watts
Dina Laskowski & Terry Anderson Jaime & Reuben Liechty
Erin & Clarice Liechty Bob Richardson, Dina Laskowski & Terry Anderson
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Posted:May 10, 2016

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