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Choosing Your College Degree with Passion – Dr. Mort Sarabakhsh

I have been teaching since 1982 at four different institutions including universities in California and North Dakota. I have met many students along the way who have tried to figure out what they want to study at university. I have also found that answering this question can be difficult, challenging, and monumental for some students. I have tried over the years to help those students find their career paths. But I have also learned students, and generally people, should have a passion for what they want to do as a career for the rest of their lives. The major element in career and college degree selection should be based on personal passion and internal spark for chosen fields. There is a saying, “If you love what you do, success follows.” This is an important guiding light for students to select a major. Students should have real interest and an internal passion for the degree or major they select. This selection demands four to five years of time investment plus a financial investment of over $40,000 to acquire the degree. If the individual, after earning the degree, discovers he or she has selected a wrong major or degree it can be a great loss.

I would like to encourage each student who has difficulty choosing a major to ask himself or herself a simple question, “What career do I want to have for the rest of my life to be happy each day when I get up and go to work?” This is an important question that demands a great deal of thought to answer. The response to this question cannot come from father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives, or others. The only person who can and is able to answer this question is the student or individual who will live with that career choice.

Please take a moment and sit in a quiet place and ask yourself this simple question, “What would I like to do to be happy for the rest of my life?” This career selection could range from being a teacher, a nurse, a hotel manager, a person working with physically and mentally challenged individuals, a police officer, a doctor, an accountant, or others. Your answer to this question again should be based on what your passion is. Another question has been raised by many people, “What is the meaning of life?” The meaning of life is to be happy each day and to celebrate that we are living on this beautiful earth. And if you select a wrong career and are not happy each day, then life has lost its meaning for you. Think about it?????!!!!!!!!!

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Posted:January 29, 2016

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