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“Stupid Deep” – Casey Selzler

Casey Selzler with a friend.

Possibly one of the cheesiest things that I think a writer could do is to base a piece of writing on song lyrics. However, I am not a writer.

“Stupid Deep” is a song released by Jon Bellion that holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. First, I love the song. Second, one of the most welcoming people I met at University of Jamestown showed me the song. Anytime I hear that song, I can’t help but think of the special relationships that I have made with other Jimmies over my three years at UJ. I would recommend listening to the song, as I will relate my experiences of being a Jimmie to two lines found in the song.

Line 1: What if who I hoped to be was always me?

An issue continually found in our generation is the need to perform, to feel respected and loved. The performance often takes us away from the deep and central values that we hold in our hearts. As we move to the beat of somebody else’s drum, we no longer hold the rhythm that brings our self together.

Casey Selzler posing with a friend.At UJ, however, we have the knowledge that we can be ourselves and be comfortable in that thought. I have never felt any time here at UJ that the person that I was deep down was not accepted into the Jimmie family, no matter how strange and sarcastic I can be with my friends. When I showed up for the first CRU worship night, I found that I could be the person I am without another’s judgement. The Jimmie family at other events and outside in the community made me feel comfortable in who I was and that I belonged to them.

Line 2: And the love I fought to feel was always free?

One central feeling that occurs in a family is love. Love, however, is not always felt. Sometimes you get into a fight with a sibling, or you accidently put a rock through the window. Situations like those sometimes make you feel that the love felt before has been shaken or torn down. Even though it may feel like you may need to earn the love back, a good family loves its members without payment.

Casey Selzler selfie with 3 friends.Even in faith, love is not always felt. We turn our backs against God to choose sin and the pleasures of the world. Our Father in heaven loves us too much to just let us stay in such self-destruction. As seen in Jesus’s parable of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32, God accepts those who put down their sin and love for the world to turn back to the Father. Although the Prodigal Son spent all his given property, he was loved, for free. He may have not felt it during his trip back to his Father, he was still loved.

I believe that the UJ family truly does love in such a sense. Although I have never committed such an act that could cause a rift between the Jimmie family and me (except for wearing my VCSU sweatshirt on campus during the summer), I know that the love shown by alumni, staff, faculty, and students is one that is free. We are not perfect as a Jimmie family, but love does not need to be earned when we love as the Father has loved us.

Casey Selzler posing with friends on Allen Field at UJ.
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Posted:October 29, 2021

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“Stupid Deep” – Casey SelzlerPossibly one of the cheesiest things that I think a writer could do is to base a piece of writing…
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