Welcome to the UJ Bands!

There are several ways to be involved in band on campus! Our groups are made up of music majors, music minors, and non-majors! In fact, over half of our ensembles are comprised of non-majors! Below you’ll find information on our ensembles and tours!

Find us on:
Twitter: UJamestownBands
Instagram: UJamestownBands
Facebook: See Links Below

This is our main “concert” band that tours! We rehearse 4 days a week for about an hour. There is no audition requirement. We put on an average of 2 concerts per semester including our semester concerts, Homecoming, and Commencement. See the tour section for travel information.

Our jazz ensemble is kickin’ and enjoys playing a wide variety of styles! We rehearse 2 hours a week and play 1-2 concerts per semester. A fun performance is playing for Jazz Knights on campus, a classy, swing dance put on by the Knight’s Society.

Looking for a smaller group? In the spring semester we put together chamber groups for more independent playing. String players are included here!
In the fall, all instrumentalists are invited to play in the pit for our musical!

The BOPB plays for home football & basketball games! This group is volunteer and is not for credit. The athletic department is very supportive of this group and provides meals for every performance. You also get a t-shirt, sweatshirt, a water bottle, and warm-weather hat! We have a blast playing for our teams.

On May 8, 2016, the bands traveled to Scotland & Ireland! We flew to Edinburgh and traveled to St. Andrews for our first performance. After a bus ride across beautiful Scotland, we hopped on a ferry to Belfast, Ireland! Our second performance was there, followed by a trip to Dublin where our final performance took place. We had ample time for personalized sight-seeing and a chance to experience the culture of these beautiful countries.

This is the first overseas tour for the band program and the bands will travel overseas every four years (plan on possibly going to Austria or France in 2020!).

On years that we don’t travel overseas, the band does national touring! Since 2014 the band has been to Minnesota, Colorado, and Montana with a trip planned to Iowa & Chicago in 2019. Our national tours feature recruitment performances for schools including outreach concerts for younger children. We most often perform for students then play along-side the band we’re visiting! The UJ band members then often have evenings free!

“Joining the UJ band is not solely about becoming a part of a musical group that will inspire you to be the best musician and instrumentalist you can be. It also means that you become a member of a family that will give you more amazing and unforgettable moments than you could ever imagine.”
— Kyle Glander, ’19, euphonium and trombone, accounting major (wind ensemble, pep band, jazz band, orchestra)

“I love band because of the atmosphere. It gives me the opportunity to step away from any stress I may have and surround myself with loving people and great music.”
— ReeAnn Christianson, ’19, flute, biology major (wind ensemble & pep band)

“I love band because I have found a second family. I can go to band and forget about all of my problems and exams and just focus on making amazing music with others who share my passion. Without fail, I leave band with a smile every day. Band has given me the opportunity to travel all over the country and around the world, as well as make once-in-a-lifetime memories. My experiences in the UJ band program will stay with me forever.”
— Jordyn Wendorff, ’19, trumpet, exercise science major (wind ensemble, pep band, jazz band)

“I like band at UJ not only because I am challenged to become a better musician, but also because I am given the opportunity to make music alongside some of my closest friends.”
— Meredith Mutch, ’18, flute section leader & exercise science major

“I made some of my best friends at Jamestown because of band.”
— Rebecca (O’Toole) Johnson, ’14, clarinet and education major

“I remember doing weekend tours in Canada in band. It was a lot of fun to spend that few days just with the band building teamwork and growing friendships.”
— W. Logan Caldwell, ’14, percussion and biology major