University of Jamestown is dedicated to providing students with resources that will better equip them to have the best possible college experience in positive and empowering ways. We want to provide for academic success of all students and be attentive to fulfill personal and social needs. The University of Jamestown is committed to a policy of equitable consideration of its students and their relationships with peers, faculty, staff, administrators, and the university as a whole. Students are encouraged to engage in constructive and respectful dialogue regarding any situation directly with appropriate individuals involved whenever possible.

University of Jamestown will:
  • Meet with students one-on-one regarding challenges in school, work, and life.
  • Connect students with appropriate campus and community resources
  • Address problems, concerns, and provide information as needed to ensure students have all necessary information to make their own informed decisions
  • Assist students to resolve conflicts at the level closest to the student

Related Policies and Procedures:

The University of Jamestown is committed to ensuring an environment free from all discrimination and/or harassment based on race, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation, or other status with respect to which discrimination would be unlawful. Any student, administrator, faculty, or staff who believes he or she has been subjected to or witnessed discrimination, harassment, or a hostile environment shall promptly report such conduct to the Affirmative Action Officer in Human Resources or to the Student Advocacy Coordinator in Residence Life. The University’s discrimination/harassment complaint report and investigation procedures can be found in the Discrimination-Harassment Procedures and Policy

Academic Affairs (grade appeals and non-academic integrity issues) processes are located in the UJ Academic Catalog.

Student Affairs (conduct appeals) processes are included in the Student Handbook

Student Complaint Form

  • It is preferred that you attempt to resolve the conflict at the lowest level possible, meeting with the person(s) involved. Your matter will be received by the Dean of Engagement and Student Affairs and will be forwarded to the appropriate academic or non-academic area as appropriate.

    The University of Jamestown Formal Student Complaint Policy can be found in the Student Handbook

    The following form is not for maintenance requests. Students should refer any maintenance requests to their Resident Assistant (RA), Resident Director (RD) or the Dean of Engagement and Student Affairs.

  • The best email address where you can be contacted.

  • The best phone number where you can be contacted.

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