This will truly be your home away from home! Living on campus will provide you with one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences—not only will you meet new and interesting people, you will have the chance to attend activities, and create beneficial friendships and bonds. The residence halls are a growth-oriented environment.

There are several recommended items for you to bring.

University of Jamestown offers free parking near your residence hall designated areas. Plug-ins are available for rental through the business office for winter months based on availability.

All of our residence halls are equipped with computer labs and printers (with the exception of the Apartments). There is also wireless access available in all residence halls (we still recommend bringing an Ethernet cord for faster speeds).

Food service is provided through Sodexo. A variety of meal plan options are available.

Digital television is provided in each room as part of your room package.

Laundry is provided at no additional charge in each residence hall as part of your room package.

Each student will be provided with a Student Handbook
outlining the campus policies and procedures.

We look forward to having you on campus! For questions about student life or residence life please contact a student life staff member.



Recommended Items

  • Extra-Long Twin Size Sheets (or take part in our linen program)
  • Twin Size Comforter
  • Extra-Long Twin Size Sheets
  • Blankets
  • Pillows
  • Mattress Pad
  • Pictures of Family and Friends
  • Posters
  • 3-M Hooks
  • Poster Putty
  • Wastepaper Basket
  • Laundry Basket
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Towels and Washcloths
  • Personal Toiletries
  • Flip Flops (for the shower)
  • Shower Caddy
  • Clothing
  • Cell Phone
  • Television
  • Stereo
  • Alarm Clock
  • Fridge (no larger than 4.6 cu. feet, one per room)
  • Small Microwave (under 1,000 watts)
  • Area Rug
  • Lamp
  • Fan
  • Decorations
  • School Supplies
  • Hangers
  • Jackets & Winter Gear
  • Extension cord with surge protector.

What not to bring

  • Pets (Except fish only, in a ten gallon tank or smaller)
  • Weapons of any kind (Including toys)
  • Tobacco products (Including E-cigarettes)
  • Anything that would be a fire hazard (Candles, candle warmers, incense, halogen lamps, and lava lamps.)
  • Appliances with an open heating element or fire hazards ( Toasters, hot plates, steam cookers,electric skillets)
  • Acoholic beverages, illegal substances or drug paraphernalia, empty alcoholic beverage containers or other prohibited decorative containers.
  • Hanging items that would damage walls or ceilings (Nails, screws, tape, glue).
  • Full size refrigerators over 4.6 cu feet.
  • Microwaves over 1,000 watts.
  •  Outside lofts or bed risers are not permitted.Lofts can be rented through us.
  • Wireless routers (This slows down our internet significantly.)

University of Jamestown at a glance

Financial Aid

  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Performance Awards
  • Journey Awards

Campus Demographics

Placement Rate

1,100 students from 30 states and 20 countries
(Undergraduate 2017)

Student to Faculty Ratio - 12:1