Ashish Patel, MSAssistant Professor

Certifications/Degrees: MS in Mathematics; BS in Mathematics and Computer Science, University of North Dakota

UJ Mailbox: 6027
Office: Sorkness 301

Phone: 701-252-3467 ext. 5603


I joined University of Jamestown as an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 2000. Prior to coming to Jamestown, I had two lay overs of three years each in Wisconsin and North Dakota. In Wausau, Wisconsin, I taught mathematics and computer science courses at Northcentral Technical College and I did the same for the Ah’ Jo’ Gun program at the Tribal Community Colleges for the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. So to date, I have 20 plus years of experience teaching courses in mathematics and computer science at various levels (community college, technical college and university), working with a range of skill levels and diverse populations.

I came to the US from India many moons ago to study computer science. But, I discovered the beauty in mathematics when I took the calculus sequence and since then my passion for mathematics has been entangled with the need to show this awesomeness to other people. I received my Bachelors of Science degree in mathematics and computer science and my Masters of Science degree in applied mathematics from the University of North Dakota. My research interest are in the field of dynamical systems and technology in mathematics. Specifically, on how to integrate technology in the math classroom to facilitate the learning process via the use of TI graphing calculators, Mathematica, lecture videos, LaTeX, etc. Even though I switched hats, I still enjoy working with computers and am always looking for an excuse to write a computer program. Computers are a part of both my vocation and avocation.

Over the years I have taught a variety of courses in mathematics and computer science: Basic Mathematics, Ideas in Mathematics, Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Finite Mathematics, Statistics, Trigonometry, Calculus I, II & III, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Real Analysis, Technology in Mathematics, Fundamentals of Advanced Mathematics, Advance Internet Programming, Visual Basic .NET, C# .NET, and Flash.

In the fall of each year, I help organize the 5th grade mathematics day – we bring 5th graders from the surrounding communities on campus and conduct hands-on demonstration of mathematics in real life. And in spring of each year, I help organize the high school mathematics competition – we bring high school students from North Dakota to compete in individual and team competitions.

Philosophy of Teaching
My teaching philosophy is constantly evolving. To date it is based on my experiences as a student and a teacher. To help students in the learning process, a good educator should possess the following qualifications:

Enthusiastic about teaching and subject area.
Responsive/available to students for assistance and advisement.
Concentrate on substance and education rather than on grades.
Organized/thorough/prompt with respect to course requirements.
Should participate in community events and activities.
Willing to adapt to new teaching techniques and technologies. Constantly looking for new ways to communicate the course content effectively and efficiently.
Utilize the diversity of student knowledge, skills and experiences as resource for learning.
Serve as a professional role model, not just as a content expert.
Should stress the practical aspects of course material.
Keeping expectations clear.
Be fair. Evaluate students in an objective manner.
Gather feedback from students and peers as a tool for self-evaluation and self-improvement.

I embrace teaching as an opportunity to inspire and empower. As a teacher, it is my goal to enhance student learning experience. I must also act as a guide, directing, encouraging and challenging students to reach their full potential and giving them the tools necessary to succeed. Ideally, I want students to feel personally changed by their participation in my class. My philosophy will continue to evolve with new experiences in the classroom and new trends in higher education.

Scholarly Activity

August 2015 Technology in the Flipped Classroom, University of Jamestown Professional Development Workshop, Fargo, North Dakota
April 2015 Presenting using Beamer, University of Jamestown, Jamestown, North Dakota
February 2015 Being your Own Leader, University of Jamestown Leadership Workshop, Jamestown, North Dakota
March 2014 Math Programs in the Classroom, North Dakota Teachers of Mathematics Spring Conference, Fargo, North Dakota
March 2012 OMML – Typesetting Mathematics, North Dakota Teachers of Mathematics Spring Conference, Jamestown, North Dakota
October 2011 OMML – Typesetting Mathematics, North Dakota Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges, Carrington, North Dakota,
March 2011 Camtasia – Recording Lectures, Jamestown College Leadership Workshop, Jamestown, North Dakota
October 22 2010 OMML – Typesetting Mathematics, North Dakota Education Association Instructional Conference, Bismarck, North Dakota
April 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015 Regional Science Fair Judge, Area Class B High Schools, Jamestown, North Dakota
July 2005 VB.NET – Programming Workshop, Jamestown College, North Dakota
March 2000 Internet Programming, Wisconsin Business Education Association, Wausau, Wisconsin
June 1999 Learning the NET, CASS Program, Northcentral Technical College, Wausau, Wisconsin
1998 Student Tracking Program, Northcentral Technical College, Wausau, Wisconsin

When I am not teaching or doing math (or thinking about teaching math…) I love to stay current with technology, run, cook, read, do crossword puzzles, hike, and help others.

If you want to learn more about the mathematics major or secondary mathematics education major at the University of Jamestown then please contact me by phone or email to make arrangements to talk in person or via skype. I also, would like to invite you to sit in one or more of my classes to get a feel for a typical mathematics class at the University. I would welcome an opportunity to talk to you about the mathematics program at the University of Jamestown and to show you what separates us from the other universities.