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General Education Requirements

Online Majors

These requirements are for online majors only. If you would like to see requirements for on-campus majors, you can view them for Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

REQUIRED Coursework

A minimum of 124 semester credits must be earned. At least 45 credits must be upper-division (300-400) level. A maximum of 64 semester credits will be accepted from a junior college.

Communication Skills Credits
Composition & Communication 6
English Composition 3
Cultural & Social Heritage Credits
Art, Music, or Theatre 3
Leadership 3
Psychology, Sociology, Political Science 3
Religion 3
Moral & Civic Education Credits
American Government/History 3
Ethics 3
Global Perspectives 3
Natural Science &
Quantitative Reasoning
Natural Science (with lab) 4
Computer Science 3
Mathematics 3

Total Semester Credits


Mike Woodley
Mike Woodley
Associate Dean for Student Success
701-252-3467 ext. 5554

1 The six credits may be satisfied in one of two ways: Students with at least two years of the same high school foreign language with grades of C or better may select six hours from additional foreign language courses or other courses identified as meeting this requirement in the course catalog. Students without such high school foreign language experience MUST take six credits of one foreign language or three credits of a foreign language in addition to an approved international experience. Students with at least two years of the same high school foreign language may complete the Global Perspectives requirement by taking any approved international experience for a minimum of 3 credit hours.

2 Foundations of Science may be replaced with an additional course in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics.

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