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Our students have studied in more than 24 countries. We encourage them to look beyond the world immediately around them to learn about people, cultures, and different ways of life through studying abroad from two weeks to a year! Degree-seeking students can continue to use federal financial aid.

A Trip Studying Abroad

University of Jamestown assists students in studying abroad for two weeks to a month in the following places:

    In May, UJ faculty and staff often lead trips to Chogoria where students from a variety of majors work with local schools, non-profit entities, and community organizations on projects related to their majors. No trip to Kenya is complete without hiking on Mt. Kenya, Africa’s second tallest mountain, and going on a safari in the Maasai Mara.

  • Any Field of Study: Chogoria, Kenya
  • UJ offers a unique international experience in a North American community unlike anywhere else on the continent: Churchill, Manitoba.

    In May, UJ students and biology faculty travel to the Polar Bear Capital of the World, to learn about the Hudson Bay and the surrounding near-Arctic environment, indigenous cultures, and what life is like, at the end of the line. Some of our students stay for a few short weeks, but others spend their entire summer conducting research on arctic wildlife.

  • Biology Classes: Churchill, Manitoba
  • The 2-week trip to Costa Rica allows students to study incredible biodiversity and provides amazing opportunities to observe tropical organisms and ecosystems.

    Students are housed at two different biological field stations where they have the opportunity to talk with research scientists studying marine intertidal zones, tropical dry forest, cloud forest, and rain forest.

    In addition to studies of tide pool organisms, leaf cutter ant behavior, ecological succession, and other biological phenomena, students may have the opportunity to snorkel along the coastline, zip-line through the cloud forest, and whitewater raft in the rain forest.

  • Biology Classes: Costa Rica
  • The UJ Foreign Language Department offers summer study trips through Modern Languages Studies Abroad (MLSA) in which students receive upper-level foreign language course credits for studying in places like Germany and Costa Rica.

  • Foreign Language: Costa Rica/Europe
  • ieiMedia, an organization dedicated to the study of international media, provides students with the opportunity to study media, journalism, and culture for a month in the summer in places like Norway, Spain, Israel, Croatia, Northern Ireland, and Japan.

  • ieiMedia: Europe/Asia
  • Each February, Jimmie nursing students and faculty make their way to the small community located 115 miles north of Nairobi. There they have a clinical experience in the PCEA Chogoria Hospital work with community agencies doing public health outreach.

  • Nursing: Chogoria, Kenya

  • Nursing: Nkhoma, Malawi

A Semester Studying Abroad

    (ISEP) is a network of international institutions in more than 50 countries. Through ISEP, students have the ability to study abroad for the same cost of tuition, housing, and meals that they pay at UJ. Participants can study in English or the host language and can take classes across all disciplines.

  • ISEP Exchange: Worldwide
  • Colleges and Universities that participate in the Study USA may send up to three students each year to study in Northern Ireland through the Irish American Scholars program.

    Applicants must be current sophomores or juniors with a minimum GPA of 3.2 on a 4.0 scale. Contact The Office of Experiential Education for more information.

  • Irish American Scholars: Ireland
  • University of Jamestown has a unique partnership with Woodstock School, a Christian High School in Mussoorie, India. Jimmies who travel to Mussoorie have the opportunity to influence the lives of high school students by student teaching, while experiencing a way of life different than their own.

  • Student Teach: Mussoorie, India

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