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History Education

Our program helps you realize your potential as a teacher and pass on your passion history and the American political system. With a state-of-the art educational lab and significant opportunities to work with educators and students in the community, you’ll acquire the skills needed to deliver optimum learning experiences in changing classroom environments.
State-of-the-art SmartLab

UJ’s SmartLab is a $100,000 project-based learning environment that helps future educators develop different courses and teaching methods with technology that students can better understand.


Cultivate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and understanding you need to be an effective teacher in today’s schools by enrolling in the Teacher Education Program at University of Jamestown.

The program is approved by the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board (ESPB).

Admission to Teacher Education

Candidates must be formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program in order to enroll in most education courses. Typically, candidates apply for admission to the program while enrolled in EDUC 201: Introduction to Teaching.

To apply, candidates must complete the application form and submit it to the Teacher Education Department by November 1 for spring admission or April 1 for fall admission. Applications are not reviewed during the summer.



Title (credits)
Educ 100 Praxis Preparation (0)
Math College or Intermediate Algebra (3)
(or higher)
Educ 201 Introduction to Teaching (3)
Psyc 203 Developmental Psycology (3)
Hist 207 The United States to 1865 (3)
Hist 208 The United States Since 1865 (3)
Educ 219 Instructional Media & Technology (2)
Educ 251 Geography for Teachers (2)
Educ 253 Applied Cognitive Theories (3)
Hist 291 Western Civilization I (3)
Hist 292 Western Civilization II (3)
Hist Non-Western History 300 level or above (3)
Educ 303 Introduction to Teaching Students with Exceptionalities (3)
Educ 305 Managing & Monitoring the Learning Environment (3)
Educ 306 Multicultural Education (3)
Educ 308 Curriculum & Teaching in Secondary Schools (3)
Educ 310 Reading Methods: Middle & Secondary Schools (3)
Hist/Educ 312 North Dakota History (3)
Educ 316 Assessment/Evaluation (3)
Hist 340 Historiography and the Historical Profession (3)
Educ 398 TED Seminar I (1)
Educ 399 TED Seminar II (1)
Educ 407 Social Studies Methods: Middle/Secondary School (3)
Hist 480 Senior Seminar in History (3)
Educ 498 Student Teaching Seminar (1)
Educ 499 Student Teaching (12)

Plus one of the following courses:
Pols 225 Comparative European Governments (3)
Pols 233 World Politics (3)
Pols 335 European Union (3)
Pols 342 American Foreign Policy (3)
Pols Any Current Affairs Course (3)


Title (credits)
Social Science Credits (12)

Plus two of the following courses:
Hist 301 Selected Readings or Topics in U.S. Studies (3)
Hist 303 Civil War and Reconstruction (3)
Pols 311 Federal Indian Policy (3)
Hist/Rel 316 Religion in American History (3)
Hist 331 American West (3)
Pols 342 American Foreign Policy (3)
Hist 391 American Economic History (3)
Hist 450 Internship in History (if area involved is U.S.) (3)

Plus three of the following courses:
History of the Middle East (3)
19th Century Europe (3)
Evolution of War (3)
History of China (3)
The French Revolution and the Age of Napoleon (3)
History of India (3)
History of Medicine (3)
Hist 301 Special Readings or Topics in non-U.S. Studies (3)
Hist 304 Medieval Europe (3)
Hist 305 Ancient Near East (3)
Hist 306 Renaissance and Reformation (3)
Hist 307 Ancient Greece (3)
Hist 308 Ancient Rome (3)
Hist 320 Europe, 1900 to Mid-Century (3)
Hist 450 Internship in History (if area involved is non-U.S.) (3)

Total Semester Credits Required: 94-106

Satisfactory Progression in Teacher Education

In addition to successfully completing each of the required courses, candidates must meet certain programmatic requirements—including satisfactory performances on Praxis exams, key assessments, dispositional attributes, and field experiences.

Praxis Exams

The state of North Dakota requires passing scores on a series of three ETS Praxis exams. The first exam (Core Academic Skills for Educators) has three components—reading, writing, and mathematics. Candidates will complete this exam prior to admission into Teacher Education.

Candidates will also take Praxis II content exams in their subject area (e.g. Math, P.E., English) and Praxis II pedagogy exams (PLT) in their licensure level (e.g. elementary, secondary). For information about specific exam codes, required scores for passing, and registration information, visit the ETS website.

Candidates are required to complete the Praxis II content exam prior to student teaching. The Praxis II: PLT exam must be taken prior to the completion of student teaching. While candidates are required to complete both the Praxis II Content and PLT exams to complete the program, passing scores are not required for graduation. Passing scores are, however, required to attain licensure in North Dakota.

Field Experiences

Pursuant to Century Code 67.1-02-02-02.1, all teacher education candidates must have classroom-related experiences prior to student teaching. At UJ, these experiences occur early and throughout the Teacher Education program. Candidates must complete at least 110 hours of field experience prior to student teaching. Expectations of candidates in field experiences increase incrementally with each semester in the program. Additionally, field experiences occur in a variety of settings to allow candidates the opportunity to interact with a variety of P-12 students and experience diversity across school environments.

Student Teaching

The final stage of the Teacher Education program is a semester-long student teaching experience in an accredited classroom of the candidate’s licensure area. Application for student teaching must be made one semester before the student teaching semester

John Weinzierl
John Weinzierl, PhD
Department Chair
Assistant Professor of History
701-252-3467 ext. 5022
    Jeff Stotts
    Jeffrey Stotts, Ed.D.
    Department Chair
    Assistant Professor of Teacher Education
    701-252-3467 ext. 5995
    Committed to helping you succeed — both in and out of the classroom.

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