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If you know the name of the journal you’re looking for, you can use the Journal Search tool within the library catalog. As you start typing the name of a journal into the search bar, suggestions will appear. Either choose from the list of suggestions or enter the full title yourself.

example of journal search

After you search a journal title, your search results will display the formats that we have available. In the example below, we have print copies of and online access to the Journal of Educational Psychology.

example of journal results

Clicking on the catalog record for the online version of this journal will display links to databases in which this journal can be found. Clicking on the catalog record for the print version will list the call number of the journal as well as the specific volumes and issues that we have in the library.


The majority of the University of Jamestown’s journal holdings are online; however, Raugust Library does still have a select number of print journals. These journals are located on the main floor near the Curriculum Library, and many more are in storage.

To see if the University of Jamestown has a journal in print, search the journal title in the catalog using the “UJ Libraries” search option, or using the Journal Search described above. If we’ve got it in print, you’ll be able to click into the catalog record to see the specific years, volumes, and issues that we have available. Older journals will likely be in storage and need to be retrieved by library staff.

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