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Are you having trouble with a class? The Student Success Center is here to help. Peer tutors are specially trained to assist you in most subject areas. Peer tutoring is free of charge. To request a peer tutor, please complete the Tutor Request Form.

After each session, peer tutors are asked to complete a report.

Study Sessions

In addition to one-on-one tutoring, the Student Success Center offers several study sessions each semester. We always encourage students to check out the study sessions first. If you find that you need more on-on-one attention then a study group, complete a tutor request form (above) and we will do our best to line you up with a one-on-one tutor.

Study Session Schedule

Acct 201 Thursday 6:30 – 8:30 pm US 132
Acct 202 Tuesday 7 – 9 pm US 132
Chem 134 Thursday 9 pm Orlady 022
Computer Science Sun-Thur 7 – 10 pm US 233
Math Lab Mon-Thur 7 – 9 pm Sorkness 401

If you have any questions about study sessions or study groups, please contact:

John Lynch, MS
Assistant Registrar

701-252-3467 ext. 5721

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