Service and Assistance Animal Policy

University of Jamestown is committed to granting reasonable accommodations to its rules, policies, practices, or services when such accommodations may be necessary to afford people with disabilities an equal opportunity to use and enjoy their dwellings, as required by federal, state and local law.

University of Jamestown accepts reasonable accommodation requests from persons with disabilities and those acting on their behalf. Reasonable Accommodation Request forms are available at the Disability Services Office located in the Student Success Office in Badal Nafus 101 and the Department of Residence Life located in Lyngstad 111A, and may be returned to either office when complete.

If you require assistance in completing the form, or would like to to make the request orally, please contact

The owner must abide by current city(Chapter 6 & Ordinance 1390), county, and state ordinances, laws, and/or regulations pertaining to licensing, vaccination, and other requirements for animals.

University of Jamestown will keep a record of all requests. The following links walk you through the policies and procedures for an assistance or service animal.

Request Form For an Assistance Animal Policy on Reasonable Accommodations for Service and Assistance Animals Service and Assistance Animal Grievance Appeal Procedure

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