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Master of Arts in Leadership
A Note from the Program Director

Hello and welcome to the Master of Arts in Leadership Program offered from the University of Jamestown’s Fargo campus. This degree applies to a wide variety of career paths and is specifically tailored to position you for success. Organized around an online course delivery of independent work and engagement with your peers, you will join an eclectic group of professionals where online learning components provide just the right balance for busy professionals looking to further develop their leadership practice. This format has proven to be a powerful tool for learning, where cohort members provide a source of dynamic and interactive conversation and support to fellow leadership practitioners. Our engaging faculty contribute expertise from a wide variety of disciplines to facilitate ongoing learning and development.

The MA in Leadership program provides an opportunity to grow personally and professionally while challenging you to further explore and the interrelationship between your professional role and vocation. The Master of Arts in Leadership degree builds communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For companies, this means fostering employee development and equipping emerging leaders with the skills and vision to work across organizational divisions to make thoughtful and informed decisions.

As our world changes and increases in complexity, we need the knowledge and ability to anticipate, adapt to and drive positive change. In order for individuals, organizations, and the world to be prosperous, strong and strategic leadership will always be essential.

Program Overview

The program consists of 36 credits including seven core courses and specialized options in business, non-profit and healthcare leadership. The practicum experience, focusing on actions research, uniquely applies leadership ideas and strategies to real world contexts.

    Core Courses: (Credits)
  • Foundations of Leadership (3)
  • Organizational Theory (3)
  • Research (3)
  • Leadership Communication, Conflict Resolution and Negotiations (3)
  • Diversity (3)
  • Leadership Ethics (3)
  • Public Policy (3)
  • Servant/Transformational Leadership (3)

  • Business Leadership Track:
  • Strategy, Innovation, and Imagination (3)
  • Advanced Strategic and Human Resource Management (3)
  • International Business (3)
  • Leadership Practicum (3)

  • Non-Profit Leadership Track:
  • Strategy of Non-Profit Organizations (3)
  • Justice and Forgiveness (3)
  • Grant Writing (3)
  • Leadership Practicum (3)

  • Healthcare Leadership Track:
  • Landscape of Healthcare Operations (3)
  • Healthcare Policy and Finance (3)
  • Health Systems Leadership (3)
  • *Final Approval Pending – Subject to Change

Admission Criteria and Process

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