The University of Jamestown will prepare students for the future in ways other schools don’t. The Journey to Success is the framework for the holistic experience that students receive. This method promotes introspection, service and international engagement so that students are prepared to be lifelong learners and thrive in a global future. There are four components to the Journey to Success: Look Inward, Look Outward, Look Beyond and Look Forward. It is co-directed by Dr. Heidi Larson and Rev. Dr. Candace Adams.

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Look Inward

The Look Inward component invites students to reflect on who they are and what they are created to be. In the UJ Foundations class students spend a significant amount of time assessing their strengths, talents and interests. A primary resource used for that course is CliftonStrengths. Once strengths are determined, students are able to evaluate how those fit with their career path. Every course invites students to look inward; this is critical as they progress toward their goals.

Look Outward

The Look Outward component inspires students to use their skills and talents to serve locally, nationally and internationally. Students are encouraged to offer their gifts to the community whether that is engaging with children and youth, senior adults, providing assistance with basic needs, etc. There are several campus service groups some examples are: Students of Service, Habitat for Humanity and Champions of Character (which is a NAIA student-athlete program). We also offer a minor in Character in Leadership. The University strives to create a culture of service.

Look Beyond

The Look Beyond component is an avenue to new places and ideas. Students learn about people, cultures and ways of life different from their own in order to thrive in a global future. This may happen as a result of international travel which are planned by various groups. As a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and Irish American Scholars Program our students are offered a gateway to the world. Our international students bring a global perspective to campus; we celebrate this through International Week and International Education Week, which includes a variety of cultural awareness activities.

Look Forward

The Look Forward component provides resources to prepare students for the next step of graduate studies, career path and servant leadership. Students have excellent internship and experiential opportunities that afford them hands-on experiences, which is critical to future employers. Our Career Center assists students in searching for jobs or researching graduate schools, as well as, workshops on networking, interviewing and resume writing. There is an annual Career & Internship Fair held on campus.



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