University of Jamestown will prepare you for the future in ways other schools don’t. We call our approach the Journey to Success,and it defines all we do here, both in and out  of the classroom! With self-assessment, personalized advising, mentoring, and a four-year graduation guarantee, we’re here to help you on every step of this exciting journey. We invite you to learn more about the Journey to Success at University of Jamestown.

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Look Inward

You’ll look inward by examining your own interests, strengths, and goals. First-year students arriving at University of Jamestown begin their Journey to Success as members of Learning Communities, which provide a shared educational experience under the leadership of instructors and upperclass students known as Journey Guides. The Learning Communities are composed of a first-year seminar course called Journey 101 and two other courses creating a theme for exploration for the semester. You’ll determine your learning style and gain the tools for success in and out of the classroom.

Look Outward

You’ll look outward by asking how to take the talents and strengths you have identified and use them not only to accomplish your own goals, but to serve those around you. You’ll have the chance to help others distant from the College through mission trips with groups such as Habitat for Humanity and the Presbyterian Church in Kenya or to serve those in our own community through groups like Character in Leadership, Students of Service, Champions of Character, and many others. You’ll receive a co-curricular transcript so that you will have an official record to attach to your resume and job applications.



Look Beyond

You’ll look beyond to learn about people, cultures, and ways of life different from your own. This happens through overseas travel to places like China, Guatemala, Kenya, or Italy or within the U.S. to cities like Minneapolis, Chicago, or New York. As a member of the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), University of Jamestown is your gateway to the world. Travel is not the only way to learn about new ideas and diverse perspectives; right on our own campus, you can take advantage of International Week, foreign film festivals, and interaction with international students.

Look Forward

You’ll look forward as you make use of university resources to prepare for the next step into the world of work or further graduate study. Your internship in a field of interest will provide the important hands-on experience potential employers want to see. Career Services offers individual assistance in searching for jobs or selecting graduate schools. The Backpack to Briefcase Conference each semester lets you choose among a wide range of sessions on topics such as networking, interviewing, resumé writing, and many more. The Graduate School Committee is a group of faculty who will advise you as you consider furthering your education.



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