Online Purchase Order (P.O.) Instructions

Purchase Order (Microsoft Word document)


Original Requester:

1)      Do not complete the Purchase Order # field.  The Business Office will assign this number upon approval of the P.O.

2)      Fill out the P.O starting with the Date field.

3)      Just Tab from field to field to complete the P.O.  NOTE:  If you need to make a change to a previous field, click in that field to make the correction.  (Do not use Shift+Tab to go back to a prior field.)

4)      Upon completion of the P.O., click “Save As” and select “Word Document.”  ** The Business Office suggests that you create a P.O. Folder on your computer to store all of your P.O.’s for future reference.

5)      After saving the P.O. to your computer, email it to your budget supervisor for Department Review.  (SUGGESTION:  Enter “P.O. Request” in the subject line.)

  1. Faculty – Email to your Department Chair.
  2. Staff – Email to your immediate Supervisor.
  3. Department Chairs – Email to Paul Olson ( after you have approved it.
  4. Athletics – Email to Sean Johnson (
  5. Student Activities/Housing – Email to Dustin Jensen (

6)      For a P.O. that has paperwork attached to it (individual reimbursements, memberships, registrations, etc…), you have two options:

  1. After emailing the P.O. to your supervisor/chair, print a copy of the P.O. and attach all paperwork and forward it to your supervisor/chair.
  2. Scan all paperwork and email with the P.O. or as a separate email to your supervisor/chair.


Supervisor (Staff) and Departmental Chair (Faculty) Review:

1)      STAFF:  After Supervisor Approval, please forward to  for Business Office approval.

2)      FACULTY:  After Department Chair Approval, please forward to Paul Olson (who will then forward to       Department chairs and the leaders of other areas that report directly Paul Olson’s office can electronically submit their POs and receipts to without Paul Olson’s signature in the following instances:

  1. The PO is for less than $500.00.
  2. The PO is for something other than equipment; equipment purchases should still come through my office.
  3. You are not reimbursing yourself for a purchase (you can sign for reimbursement for other people in your department, but not for yourself).
  4. You have the money in your budget to actually pay for whatever you are purchasing.

3)      NOTE:  Please forward all attachments that contain paperwork for a P.O.


Business Office Review:

1)      After the Purchase Order has final approval from the Business Office, it will be processed in accordance with the instructions from the P.O. Instr.  line of the P.O.

2)      The approved P.O. will be emailed back to the original requestor.