Apr 17 2020

J-RAP 2020

What is J-RAP?

Are you joining the Jimmie Family this fall? If so, the Jamestown Registration and Advising Program (JRAP) is your next step. JRAP is a 100% online process!

When do I register for classes?

The date you register for J-RAP will be the start of your week window to register for classes!

How do I register for classes?

Emails with instructions on how to register for classes, tips on how to use MyUJ, and a word from our Provost will be sent to you prior to your window opening.

Please be sure to register for J-RAP using the email that you would like this information to go to.

When is it?

Friday, April 17th – Register Online
Monday, April 27th – Register Online
Monday, May 18th – Register Online

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Annie.Elhard@uj.edu or your admissions counselor.

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Dates: 04/17/2020
Time: 09:00 am