Sep 19 2019

Diversity Speaker: Matt Glowacki

Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Reiland Fine Arts Center's DeNault Auditorium (map)

This event is open to students and employees.

Matt Glowacki has delivered messages of diversity to over a million people and two sitting presidents of the United States. He also has had the honor of being the most-booked diversity speaker on college campuses for the past 10 years.

Matt’s presentations teach students how to find happiness, develop better understanding of social justice and diversity, and how to see potential in themselves while overcoming personal disabilities and challenges. Voted Campus Activities Magazine’s Best Speaker and Best Diversity Artist, Matt is the perfect fit for educational events and workshops.

Matt will more specifically be giving a talk on “Aren’t We All Just a Little Bit Prejudiced?”

“It’s human nature to make judgments about things based on past interactions and experiences. Prejudging a situation or person is natural. People do it intrinsically and often immediately. Where individuals sometimes fail is in how they interact with others based solely upon those thoughts and feelings. This lecture is a candid look at how people gauge their perception of others. It brings home the idea that setting high expectations for everyone, while understanding the nature of their difference, is how to get the best out of people while helping them maximize their potential. In his presentation, Matt guides people to grow from their interactions with others regardless of their individual differences.”

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Dates: 09/19/2019
Time: 07:00 pm