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University of Jamestown Main Switchboard Number:
(701) 252-3467 (All incoming calls to faculty, administration and staff offices go through this number.)

Fax Number:
(701) 253-4318

All on-campus calls from on-campus phones (including residence hall phones):
Dial the four-digit extension number found below

Off-campus calls from on-campus phones:
Dial 9 + number.

Long distance:
(from unrestricted phones): Dial 9 + 1 + (area code) + number.

Office/Department Building Phone Box Email
Academic Affairs Liechty Center/Taber Hall701-252-3467 ext.
Accounting Department Unruh-Sheldon 107701-252-3467 ext.
Admissions Badal/Nafus Upstairs701-252-3467 ext.
Alumni Office Liechty Center/Taber Hall 030701-252-3467 ext.
Art Department Reiland 145701-252-3467 ext.
Athletic Director Larson Center701-252-3467 ext.
Biology Department Orlady 242701-252-3467 ext.
Box Office Reiland Fine Arts Center 701-252-3467 ext. 5435 6023
Business Department Unruh-Sheldon 107701-252-3467 ext.
Business Office Liechty Center/Taber Hall 701-252-3467 ext. 5559 6042
Campus News Liechty Center/Taber Hall 308701-252-3467 ext.
Career Center Raugust Library 115701-252-3467 ext.
Cashier Liechty Center/Taber Hall 216701-252-3467 ext.
Chaplain Badal Nafus 102701-252-3467 ext.
Character in Leadership Unruh-Sheldon 209701-252-3467 ext.
Chemistry Department Orlady 222701-252-3467 ext.
Classroom Reservations Liechty Center/Taber Hall 217701-252-3467 ext.
Communication Department Unruh-Sheldon 209701-252-3467 ext.
Computer Center Helpdesk Sorkness Center701-252-3467 ext.
Computer Science Department Unruh-Sheldon 206701-252-3467 ext.
Conferencing Lyngstad 111-B701-252-3467 ext.
Criminal Justice and Sociology Taber 312701-252-3467 ext.
Dean of Student Affairs Lyngstad 111F701-252-3467 ext.
Dining Hall (Knight Hall) Westminster Hall 701-252-3467 ext. 2583 6014
Education Department Lyngstad 212701-252-3467 ext.
Engineering Department Sorkness 314701-252-3467 ext.
English Department Lyngstad 208B701-252-3467 ext.
Experiential Education Lyngstad 212701-252-3467 ext.
Financial Aid Liechty Center/Taber Hall701-252-3467 ext.
Food Service Westminster Hall 701-252-3467 ext. 5645 6014
Foreign Language Lyngstad 211B701-252-3467 ext.
History and Political Science Lyngstad 203701-252-3467 ext.
Institutional Advancement Liechty Center/Taber Hall 030701-252-3467 ext.
Jimmie Connection (Bookstore) Lyngstad 701-252-3467 ext. 5476
Kinesiology Foss Wellness Ctr. 112701-252-3467 ext.
Learning/Academic Advising Liechty Center/Taber Hall 217701-252-3467 ext.
Library Raugust Library701-252-3467 ext.
Marketing Liechty Center/Taber Hall 308701-252-3467 ext.
Masters in Counseling Taber 305C701-252-3467 ext.
Masters in Education Lyngstad 212701-252-3467 ext.
Masters in Leadership
Math Department Sorkness 300701-252-3467 ext.
Music Department Reiland 131701-252-3467 ext.
Nursing Department Orlady 228701-252-3467 ext.
Office Services Liechty Center/Taber Hall 035701-252-3467 ext.
Physical Plant Physical Plant701-252-3467 ext.
Physical Plant After Hours Emergency Only 701-320-3467
Physical Therapy Fargo701-356-2136 ext.
Post Office Lyngstad 701-252-3467 ext. 5476
President’s Office Liechty Center/Taber Hall 201701-252-3467 ext.
Psychology Department Taber 305B701-252-3467 ext.
Public Relations Liechty Center/Taber Hall 308701-252-3467 ext.
Registrar Liechty Center/Taber Hall 217701-252-3467 ext.
Religion/Philosophy Dpt. Chapel 25701-252-3467 ext.
Residence Life Director Lyngstad 111A701-252-3467 ext.
Security Level 2 Badal Nafus Center 701-659-0032 6073
Sports Information Larson Center 701-252-3467 ext. 5222 6018
Student Activities Lyngstad 111E701-252-3467 ext.
Study Abroad Raugust Library 110701-252-3467 ext.
Testing (CLEP) L. Lueck Raugust Library 110701-252-3467 ext.
Testing (ACT/SAT) M. Thorlakson Foss 113701-252-3467 ext.
Theatre Department Reiland 107701-252-3467 ext.
Wellness Center Foss 102701-252-3467 ext.


Other Important Numbers

Central Valley Health Unit 701-252-8130
Essentia Clinic 701-253-5300
Jamestown Regional
Medical Center
Medallus Clinic
(Walk In & Urgent Care)
Safe Shelter 701-251-2300
Sanford Clinic 2nd Ave 701-251-6000
Sanford Clinic 5th Ave 701-253-4000
Security 701-253-4440
South Central Human Services 701-252-2641

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