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Printing on Campus

At the beginning of each semester, students will receive $30 worth of printing credit. The credit is transferable from fall to spring semester, but not from spring to fall semester. Each black and white page will cost $0.05 and each color page will cost $0.25 with a 40% discount for any document that is printed in duplex, meaning front and back. Not all printers support duplex printing, so please take this into account. The main printers, such as the printers in the library and Unruh Sheldon classrooms will support duplex printing, so it is encourage that you take advantage of this discount.

If a student runs out of printing credits, the student may ask a fellow student to transfer credit via the PaperCut Account Management portal or the student may stop by the Helpdesk to add more printing credit. At the Helpdesk, we only accept cash or check as payment for additional printing credits.

Each computer lab and residence hall has at least one printer. University-owned lab computers will automatically have the closet printer pre-configured.

Getting Printers Connected

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