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Returning Student Room Signup

All full-time University of Jamestown undergraduate students are encouraged to live on campus. Students wishing to live off of campus or opt out of the meal plan will have their total institutional scholarship package prorated.

If you are a new or transfer student, please use the new student signup.

Returning students should use the MY UJ form.

Room sign-up typically happens early April. Below are details you need to know prior to signing up for your room:

  • Please read the Rights and Responsibilities prior to choosing your preferences. (Please review residency and meal plan requirements as well as special building requirements)
  • Room preference sign-up happens according to class standing (based on credits). Check email announcements for your sign-up date and time. Do not sign-up early. If you sign-up early, your preferences will go to the end of the list.
  • Current students get first preference for housing. However, transfer students can be placed in your rooms if requested. These requests will be granted based on availability.
  • Once you log onto MY UJ click on the students tab, student services, and the room and roommate preference link.
  • Choose a room preferences (select your top THREE choices for buildings in order, you MUST select three different buildings)
  • Choose a roommate preferences (select your roommate choices in order—for example if you choose Prentice as your first choice with three other roommates and you get assigned to another residence hall with one roommate—your roommate would be your first choice). If someone has requested you as a roommate and you approve—accept the approval. Keep in mind there isn’t a submit button—rather it saves as you go. Your information is stored in the system.
  • By requesting your room preference—you are not physically signing up for your room. Instead—your housing assignment will be made based on seniority and date/time that residence life receives your application via MY UJ.
  • You will not be given a housing assignment until you register for classes.
  • Once assignments have been made—you will be notified via email to stop by the Office of Residence Life to sign your returning student residence life application and contract. You will select your meal plan when you sign your contract.

The following cancellation fees apply—keep in mind you are not assessed a cancellation fee until you have physically signed the housing contract. Semester 1: $100.00 prior to June 1, $200.00 after June 1, and $300.00 after August 1.

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