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Use Articles To:

  • Conduct academic research
  • Support & Defend your projects/papers
  • Find information – data, theories, opinions, etc.

Searching using Databases

Start by selecting a library database. A database acts like a search engine, but instead of searching the internet it searches for information from journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Deciding which database to search depends on what type of information you need.

  • General Databases: A database like Academic Search Premier or Academic OneFile used to search across subjects to find a broad array of information.
  • Subject Specific Databases: A database that is tailored to your field of study; i.e. CINHAL for Nursing Majors.
  • Special Format Databases: A databases contain a specific type of material; i.e. EBSCO SWOT Analyses.

If you’re not sure where to start your search, ask a librarian!

Searching for Articles Using ODIN

Using the Online Articles tab on the ODIN search bar allows you to search for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles. ODIN searches across the UJ library databases to see if there is an online full-text version of the article. If no online version is available then you can hit the request button to order a copy through ILL.

Searching for a Specific Article

If you know the name of the article you are searching for, you may enter the exact title in quotations in either the ODIN Online Article search or Google Scholar (If you are on campus Google Scholar will automatically connect to Raugust Library resources).

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