If you can picture yourself sharing great works of literature and helping students express their thoughts through the English language, consider a major in English Secondary Education at University of Jamestown. Our English Secondary Education degree program provides a comprehensive English background along with all of the requirements for secondary teacher licensure.

University of Jamestown English Secondary Education Distinctions

As an English secondary education major at University of Jamestown, you’ll benefit from:

  • Numerous hands-on opportunities to meet and work with educators and students in the community
  • The latest information with regard to legislation and regulations affecting the teaching profession
  • Creative opportunities to write for Plainsong, the University's journal of literature and art, and The Collegian, its award-winning student newspaper.
  • Small class sizes with the focus on excellence in teaching and student learning
  • Significant opportunities for international study, hands-on field experience, and co-curricular activities

Secondary Education Factsheet

Proven Success

University of Jamestown education students score above the national average on the ACT test and maintain some of the top grade point averages among all students. We seek students who can face the demands and challenges of the teaching profession and are well-prepared and confident that they will make an important difference in the lives of children and young adults.

Education students are encouraged to join the Student North Dakota Education Association. Other organizations in early childhood education, reading, mathematics, and science also provide opportunities for participation.

Eligible students are invited to join Pi Lambda Theta, the international honor society and professional association in education.

Specific coursework for this major is outlined can be Viewed Here or downloaded here.

Our Academic Catalogs provide information on policies and procedures, the admissions process, programs of study, and degree requirements.

As course offerings can change from semester to semester, working with the Registrar’s office will ensure that your courses are kept on schedule so that you can graduate in four years.

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Certifications/Degrees: PhD, Vanderbilt University

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Honorary Doctor of Letters, North Dakota State University;
Honorary Doctor of Literature, Geneva College, Pennsylvania;
Poet Laureate of North Dakota

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