Please review Admission Criteria, Admission Deadline, and Progression in the Nursing Major before completing and submitting the application at the bottom of this page.

Admission Criteria

1. Applicant must be admitted to the University of Jamestown before application to nursing program will be accepted.
2. Minimum High School GPA 3.25 on 4.0 scale
3. Preferred ACT Composite score of 24 or SAT (R+M) score of 1100
4. High School biology and chemistry strongly recommended
5. Essay: Part of nursing program application
6. Possible personal interview

Admission Deadline

Admission to the nursing program will be made once each year for incoming University of Jamestown freshmen. Application deadline is April 1, 2016, for fall 2016 enrollment. Freshmen nursing enrollment will be limited to 30 students per year.

Progression in the Nursing Major

All freshmen accepted to the nursing program will be required to achieve a minimum cumulative GP A of 3.0 prior to the beginning of nursing coursework. Failure to achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 will make the student ineligible for progression in the major. The student may reapply to the program when all admission criteria are met. Students enrolled in the nursing program need to pass all prerequisite courses with a grade of “C” or higher. A student earning a grade lower than a “C” in two or more prerequisite courses will be deemed ineligible for progression in the nursing program. Freshmen students accepted into the nursing program are expected to work very closely with their academic advisor to help ensure necessary coursework is completed on time.

The criteria for progression in the Nursing Major are as follows:
1. Completion of all nursing pre-requisites or their equivalents prior to beginning clinical coursework: Psych 203, Nrsg 205, Bio 208 and Lab, Bio 216 and Lab, Soc 101 or Soc 223. Bio 209 and Lab may be taken before or concurrently with sophomore nursing courses. Students who have received a D or an F in one prerequisite may repeat that course and still be eligible to apply for the nursing major. Students who have received a D or an F in more than one prerequisite course will not be considered for admission into the nursing major.

2. Students must complete and submit a Curriculum Audit by December 1 of their sophomore year. All transcripts of credit transfers from other colleges and universities must be in the Registrar’s Office before progressing further into clinical nursing courses.

Freshman Nursing Major Application

  • Please submit a brief essay describing the extracurricular and work activities in which you have been involved that have contributed personally to you and/or the community. Indicate how you believe these experiences have prepared you for a career in nursing.
  • Accepted file types: txt, rtf, odf, pdf, doc, docx.