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Every year University of Jamestown publishes a new student directory which includes your name, campus address, campus phone, UJ box number, UJ email, home phone number, home/off campus address and home/off campus phone. You may choose to have your personal information omitted from the student directory. It is the policy of University of Jamestown to give out personal contact information to persons making a request if it is published in the student directory. We do not give out your dorm building or room number.

If it is OK for your information to be published in the Student Directory, please feel free to disregard this notice.

If you DO NOT WANT your personal information in the Student Directory, please submit the form below by August 1st.

Keep in mind that if you submit this form, none of your personal information (campus box, campus phone, home phone, home address, etc.) will be given to anyone – your grandmother, your college friends, a friend from high school who’s passing through! We will simply say that you have requested that your information be private.

If you submit the form below, ONLY YOUR NAME will appear in the student directory with no other information. When searching the online directory, none of your information will appear.

Student Directory Omission Request