Scott GoplinVice President of Enrollment Management


After 30 plus years of encouraging young people to “make the right choices” and choose a college/university that will be the best fit for their specific needs and interests, I have concluded working at University of Jamestown is positively the best job in the world. Nothing gives me more joy than seeing the slightly apprehensive and excited faces of freshmen at fall orientation each year, which four years later becomes faces of confidence and strength… enough to take on the whole world!


Having grown up in a small town in Colorado and graduated second in my class (a class of 40 seniors!), I chose an out-of-state, small liberal arts college very similar to University of Jamestown. It is true, the best four years of your life will be your college experience. Since graduating, I have traveled the world, met celebrities and famous politicians, ate exotic sea cucumbers in China, married the most wonderful woman on the planet, a father to four above average children and three grandchildren (and still counting!), learned to play golf (badly), read most of the classics (science fiction), and I have developed a bucket list three pages long.


My University of Jamestown office reflects my personality. Mostly organized, but a little bit of clutter, lots of memorabilia, family photos, and my “Jimmie” coffee mug.

Why I think you’ll love University of Jamestown…the people! Most students choose to attend small colleges/universities to become part of a caring, supportive and dynamic community. The friends you make at University of Jamestown will last a lifetime. Our admission staff, faculty, coaches and many other members of our University of Jamestown community look forward to introducing you to your new friends.