grugel, jodi
Jodi GrugelAsst. Director of Admission

Phone: (701) 252-3467 ext. 5451
Cell: (701) 320-8498
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  • Eastern North Dakota
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Florida
  • Georgia
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  • North Carolina
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I grew up in Fargo, N.D. and transferred to University of Jamestown from a larger out-of-state institution. I really didn’t know if I’d like living in a small town and attending a much smaller school. Even today, I clearly can remember when I decided to drop by University of Jamestown. I remember walking up the steps to Taber Hall, feeling nervous and wondering if UJ would be a good fit for me. Within minutes after opening the door, an admissions person was greeting me with a big smile, showing me the campus, and providing me with all the information I needed regarding transferring to UJ. I left that day with a plan and am so happy I decided to check out University of Jamestown! My decision to attend University of Jamestown ended up being a “life changer” for me not only as a student but as a person. I really felt a sense of community here, unlike my previous college experience. The great faculty, small class sizes, and the liberal arts education that I received really helped me to grow as a student. My first experience with University of Jamestown was very welcoming and the UJ staff really seemed to have a genuine interest in me and in my success as a college student and graduate. I hope that when you visit us, you’ll feel that way too! As our logo states, University of Jamestown really is about your success and our tradition! Consequently, I am very proud of my University of Jamestown degree! Why I think you’ll love University of Jamestown Let’s see… beautiful campus, four-year graduation and internship guarantees, community environment where students know one another, small class sizes taught by professors who take time for their students, an institution that truly supports and encourages campus and community involvement, new wellness, business, and fine arts facilities for students, free parking/laundry/cable/internet, the wonderful Jimmie Java Hut and its assortment of delicious drinks, the homemade knoephla soup and maple nut cookies in the UJ dining hall … Ok, I could go on and on. I think you’ll love University of Jamestown because we really are a great place to call “home” while obtaining your degree (we offer over 40 majors)! My advice to prospective students Don’t assume you can’t afford a private college! We offer generous scholarship opportunities to our students! I’d also recommend that you visit the schools that you’re considering. It really is the best way to see if a college is the right “fit” for you. I’d love to welcome you to University of Jamestown when you visit! I encourage you to check out our campus and see all that the University of Jamestown community has to offer!