Students at the University of Jamestown have the opportunity to widen their horizons as they meet with others on campus to learn and grow together.

There is something for you to join whether you want to be strengthened or help strengthen others by encouraging them through acts of service. Groups already established on campus include Athletes in Action, Habitat for Humanity, Ignition, Grace On Campus, Roots, SOS & SOUP. Students are also welcome to start their own organizations.

Grace on Campus

Grace on Campus is an official student organization of the University of Jamestown. Our purpose is to help students, of whatever denominatin (or none), grow in faith in an environment where, “doubts are ok, questions are welcomed, and people are free to come as they are.” We not only tap into the Bible’s wisdom, but the rich spiritual heritage of Christianity going back 2000 years. For the lates information about Grace on Campus gatherings and our internship program visit and click “College Students”.
Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a nonprofit Christian ministry seeking to eliminate poverty and homelessness by providing homes to deserving families. Homes are built with the hard work of volunteer laborers, donated materials and monetary donations. Every year a group of students and advisors, led by the Chaplain, travel out of state to help build homes through this organization. In the past, University of Jamestown students have spent their spring breaks lending a helping hand in Mississippi, Washington State, Texas and Arkansas. Throughout the shcool year, fund raising is done to help pay for the student’s trip expenses. Habitat for Humanity provides a great opportunity to meet new people and help others in need while enjoying a different part of the country during spring break!Official Habitat for Humanity Website:
Ignition (Visit us on Facebook!)

Ignition is a student-led organization providing fellowship, worship and a Christian message directed toward college students that meets every Tuesday night at 9:30 p.m. in the Chapel. Ignition is supported by Campus Crusade for Christ and participates in the retreats of the upper Midwest region. These include Fallapalooza and TXC: Twin Cities Experience.This mission statement defines the Ignition student leadership team that plans the meetings and events:God has called us to share the Good News of salvation. He has called us to glorify Him as well as strengthen, encourage, unite and ignite the Body of Christ through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.Ignition encourages involvement with many aspects including the worship band, events, welcoming, leadership team, reaching out to students and service on campus and in the community.

This is a retreat for the Rough Rider Region of Campus Crusade for Christ including Minot, Dickinson, Bismarck, Valley City and Jamestown. This retreat is held on a weekend in October at Crystal Springs Bible Camp. This is a time to reconnect with God and to be built up so that we can reach out to others on our campus.
TCX: Twin Cities Experience

This is a conference organized by Campus Crusade for Christ for college students in downtown Minneapolis, MN each year from December 28th through January 1st. Hundreds of students come from the upper Midwest region to stay in the downtown Hilton Hotel for this amazing cnoference. A student worship band and inspirational speakers lead students in worship each day. It’s a great way to start off the year and a new semester! Ignition students have an opportunity in the fall to fund raise to help with the cost.Check out what’s going on at Crusade for Christ – Upper Midwest Region.

ROOTS stands for Reaching Out to Others Through Service. This student-led organization provides numerous opportunities to perform ministry inside and outside of the community. ROOTS leads lock-ins, Sunday school and church services throughout the state. Members strive to hold good relationships with each other. ROOTS is a geat organization that will help you build your faith and fellowship enormously.
Examples of aid include:
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Performance Awards
  • Journey Awards
  • 1,000 students from 31 states and 13 countries
  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio
  • On-campus residence halls
  • 98% average placement rate in 2010 & 2011