For many years the University of Jamestown has had Bible studies and small groups that meet throughout the year in the residence halls, lounges, and professors’ homes.

The Chaplain and a couple of professors have conducted Bible studies and have been excited to get to know students on a more personal level. Students are also welcome to start a Bible study and can get support from the Chaplain and other ministries on campus. There is a wide variety of subjects and studies that are covered and there is something for everyone. Women’s groups, men’s groups and mixed groups can be found on the campus whether it is a specific study or a group of people willing to provide support for each other.


Aleph Bible Study

Mondays, 7 p.m.

Aleph is the first word of the Hebrew Alphabet and we are using it to describe this bible study as bible basics. The study is based around books of the bible and making connections to the rest of the Bible and our lives. It provides in-depth analysis of biblical texts as well as questions to help us think anew about God, scripture and how that impacts our lives as disciples of Christ. The study also takes time to look at Christian literature as they will spend a semester on a recently written book.



Examples of aid include:
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Performance Awards
  • Journey Awards

  • 1,000 students from 37 states and 17 countries

  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio

  • On-campus residence halls

  • 98% average placement rate in 2010 & 2011