Higher Education Opportunity Act
The Higher Education Opportunity Act, or HEOA, requires colleges and universities to disclose certain information. Information required to be disclosed can be found here:

Enrollment, Graduation and Transfer Rates Policy on Copyright Infringement Retention Rate

The Clery Act
In addition to the HEOA, the Clery Act requires information to be disclosed referencing campus security, fire annual report, hate crimes, the missing student notification procedure, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, and annual reported crime. The entire security report as required by the Clery Act can be found here:

Annual Campus Security Report Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Emergency Preparedness Plan

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act
The Athletic Department is also required to disclose certain information as part of the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act. That information can be found here:

EADA Report

Graduate Placement Data

2013 Summary 2014 Summary

Updated Information
The University of Jamestown continually strives to have updated information. This information from a variety of departments and each department has a unique time schedule in terms of collecting information. If information is found to be outdated or incorrect, please fill out this form and the issue will be addressed: