The University of Jamestown website (www.uj.edu) is an official electronic publication and is designed for purposes of institutional relations and efficient internal communications. The site is published by the Marketing Department.

General Guidelines

  1. Use of the site may not violate federal or state law.
  2. The site may not be used for commercial activities.
  3. The site may not be used to post obscenity, sexually-explicit images or remarks that are defamatory, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, or intimidating.
  4. The site may not be used to exploit a discussion or database list for a purpose outside its designated purpose.
  5. Any reference to University of Jamestown or use of University of Jamestown logos must comply with the graphic standards as laid out by the Office of Marketing graphic standards manual.

**This list is not comprehensive and is subject to change.

Web pages

An official page is one that communicates official information about the services, requirements, or curriculum of the University, or one of its programs or offices, and is maintained for that purpose by an academic department, admissions or administrative office. Official page content

(text and images) is developed by each individual department. Once official pages are developed they are reviewed and approved by the Office of Marketing before being linked to the University of Jamestown website and are subsequently monitored for compliance.

A non-official page is any page that does not fall under the definition of an official page. Examples of non-official pages are personal homepages and the pages of student organizations. University of Jamestown reserves the right to remove non-official links in which content does not comply with the General Guidelines.


Posting a non-official page involves the following steps:

  • Page Creation. You can prepare the page(s) yourself, or find a Web-savvy student who is willing to help your organization.
  • Get permissions from the Web Administrator in the Computer Center. He/she will create a directory for your organization on the server if needed. Faculty and Staff will place personal web pages on their W drive.


For information regarding the link to your University of Jamestown website, contact the IT Center.


All materials within the site are provided “as is” with no warranties of any kind. University of Jamestown does not accept responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any content, including that in non-official pages. University of Jamestown shall not be held liable for any damages of any kind related to the use of the website.