The University of Jamestown Computer Center is committed to keeping our network free from viruses.

Viruses and other forms of malware are a real threat to a computer. At the helpdesk, we are willing to help students rid their computers of viruses. We will provide this service free of charge.

Students should understand before bring their computers into the helpdesk that there is a possibility data will be lost. We will make every effort to ensure that we lose as little data as possible, but there is always a threat.




At the helpdesk, there are two main pieces of software we use to rid computers of viruses and other malware.

The first piece of software is called malwarebytes. Malwarebytes is freely downloadable from Malwarebytes does a nice job removing malware, but it does  not actively update or scan. Both processes need to be initiated by the user (you).

The next piece of software we use is McAfee VirusScan. This is available for free from the helpdesk. We are not able to provide a download, but we are able to provide it if you stop in.

The reason we use both of these pieces of software is that both catch some pieces of malware that the other doesn’t. And, in reality, there are probably other pieces of software that catch bugs that neither malwarebytes or McAfee catch.

So, the most important step in preventing viruses is being careful. Don’t install anything of which you are not certain of the integrity of the software.