At the beginning of each semester students are given $30 worth of printing credit. Color pages are $0.25 per page while Black and White are $0.05 per page.

If a student runs out of printing credits they can stop by the Helpdesk located in Sorkness Hall 105 to add additional print funds at their own expense.

For instructions on how to install University printers on your personal computer using the JCNetwork application please visit:

Each Resident Hall on campus has at least one printer for students to use, as well as the Library and Sorkness Hall lab. In addition, there is a “FollowMe” printer that can be used with the JCnetwork application to securely store your print job and will only release the job once you login on the printer.

-FollowMe printer-

Have you ever wanted to print from anywhere and pick up your printouts on the way to class? Live off campus and still want to safely and securely print to a University printer? Now you can!

Once you log into the JCNetwork application, you can select any building and should see the FollowMe printer.

Once you connect to this printer you can send a print job and release it from any MFP printer on campus (listed below). These printers have touch screen LCD interfaces that will allow you to login and release your print job directly from the printer.

Once logged into the printer you can select “Print Release.” When you do this, your job should show up and you can release it. Again this can be done on any of the following printers regardless of what building you chose in the JCNetwork application. Print jobs are held for 4 hours before being deleted from the queue.

-Print release printers-

Kroeze 1st floor C section



Prentice 1st floor lab

Seibold 2nd floor lab – #233

Seibold 3rd floor lab – mens side

Sorkness lab

Watson 2nd floor

Wilson 1st floor lounge