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  1. First, identify which port is activated for cable (Please note, only 1 port will work in each room)
    • Kroeze: port 2
    • Neirling: port 4
    • Prentice: port 4
    • Seibold: port 2
    • Watson: port 2
    • Wilson: port 4
  2. Unbundle your cable. It should come with a box, remote, power cable, ethernet cable, and A/V cable.
  3. Plug one end of the ethernet cable into the cable port on the wall.
  4. Plug the other end into ethernet port on the cable box.
  5. Plug the A/V cable into your TV. You only need to plug in the red, white, and yellow ends. The black end is for S-Video. S-Video can be used instead of the yellow end, but both are not needed. (If your TV does not support this type of connection, please stop by the Help Desk in Sorkness to obtain a coaxial cable, the screw in type.)
  6. Plug the other end of the cable that you are using into the cable box.
  7. Plug the power into the wall.
  8. Plug the other end of the power cable into the power port on the cable box. Please note that these boxes can take up to 10 mins to boot up.
  9. If you are using A/V cables, make sure your TV channel is set to the correct input channel. Refer to your TV owner’s manual on how to do this. (i.e. AV1, Input1, etc..)
  10. If you are using a coaxial cable, make sure your TV is turned to channel 3.
  11. If all is working correctly, you will see a blue screen with the word “Amino” on it while it boots up.
  12. If you screen remains black with the word “Amino” on it or gives an error 300 message, that indicates that the box is not receiving the proper signal, most likely due to being plugged into the incorrect wall port for ethernet. Unplug the power from the box, plug the ethernet into the correct port, then plug the power back in and let the box reset.
  13. If you still have issues and cannot get the cable to work correctly, please fill out a Trouble Ticket and we will assist you as soon as we are able.