If you are attempting to connect from off campus, you must first connect via a VPN. Follow the instructions here.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. Download jcnetwork if in Jamestown and UJPTnetwork if in Fargo.
  2. When prompted, save the file to your computer. (This will not work if you try to just run the file, it needs to be on your computer)
  3. Go to the location where you downloaded your file.
  4. Right click the zip file and choose “Extract all”. This will extract the files to a folder that you specify.
  5. If it doesn’t automatically open the newly extracted folder, go to the location that you extracted to and open the new folder called JCNetwork. Inside you will see JCNetwork.exe (or network.exe if in Fargo) .
  6. Now, copy the exe file to a location that is easy for you to access. The Desktop is what most people choose.
  7. At this point, you will need to be connected to the JC network, either through wireless on campus, VPN or with a network cable on campus.
  8. Double-click the exe file to open the program.
  9. To access your drives:
    1. Click on the Network Drives tab
    2. Put in your Username and Password
    3. Click Connect
    4. Your drives should now map. You can access them by either clicking on the Drive label within the program window or opening up “My Computer”.
  10. To add a printer:
    1. Click on the Printers tab
    2. Choose your building
    3. Click on the printer you want to install. (If you don’t know the name of the printer you would like to install, it is located on the front of the printer itself on a white label. It will be something such as HP_NE1, HP_KR3, etc.)
    4. Type in your Username and Password and click Connect. (If drives are not mapped, do so when it asks, check the network drives tab to confirm successful mapping, and click connect again in the printers tab.)
    5. If prompted, choose to allow the computer to install the printer driver.
    6. The printer will only need to be added once, however, you will need to remap your drives each day to create the connection so that you will be able to print.

If you have problems connecting to a printer or connecting to network drives, feel free to send an email to helpdesk@jc.edu or stop by the helpdesk so that we might help you out. If you are using Windows Vista, it is known that there are often problems connecting to printers. Here is another help document specific to Windows Vista. Windows 8, too, seems to have more problems than Windows 7 or Windows XP. Here is a help document specific to Windows 8.


If after entering your username and password for the JCNetwork.exe application you get an error message telling you to check your username and password, you might have one of the following known problems.

Norton Internet Security is Installed

The JCNetwork.exe application will not work properly if you have Norton Internet Security or some other type of firewall installed. You will need to add the following IP ranges to your Trusted Zones list: – and –

AVG Antivirus plus Firewall is Installed

If you are using AVG Antivirus plus Firewall follow these instructions.

You have your own Personal Router or Wireless Router

If you have a personal router and it is configured to use the 192.168.0.x network then the application will not work due to University of Jamestown using the same IP address scheme. Your network is then conflicting with the UJ network. To find out if this is the problem, go to Start -> Run and type cmd. At the command prompt type ipconfig and look specifically at IP address. If the IP address is 192.168.0.x (x = any number between 1-255) then you have this issue. There is only one way to fix this which is to change the internal IP address and DHCP range that your router is using to 192.168.1.x. Once you make the modification, the issue should be resolved. If you are unsure about making the modification, contact us.