Now a U

What is our new name?

As of August 21, 2013, we are the University of Jamestown.  You will see a gradual replacement of the logo on campus signs, letterhead and supplies.  While our name is changing, our Mission, Vision and Values are not changing.


Why are we changing our name?

We are changing our name to the University of Jamestown because it is a better description of what we have become.  This was a decision made after much discussion, deliberation and study. We cherish our humble beginnings and continue to hold fast to the Christian and liberal arts traditions that shape our programs and curriculum. We will continue to be an institution that educates the whole person with emphasis on professional preparation in a supportive environment.  The world around us has changed, and we have made changes in our programs and how we offer our programs to adjust to the program needs and delivery methods of the marketplace.  In order to continue growing as an institution we need a name that will better reflect who we have become to the marketplace.  Using the University of Jamestown as our name will do that.


How did we choose the new name?

As we reached out to alumni and other stakeholders to gain insight as to how this change would be viewed, it was clear that it was important to hold onto “Jamestown.” By adding “University,” we accomplish our goal of keeping our identity and history while gaining the benefits of being recognized as a university.  You will notice that our new logo is very similar to our previous logo; this was a strategic decision that says loud and clear “we are still the institution that we always have been, plus more!”


How will the University and its students benefit from the name change?

We feel that there are several ways that the University family (students, alumni, friends and the institution) will benefit from a more accurate representation of who we are, including:

  • Academic Growth – by adding graduate programs (Master’s in Education and Doctor of Physical Therapy degrees) we are able to offer students the opportunity to obtain advanced degrees.  The administration continues to research other graduate programs for future development.  As the University grows, we will have the fiscal ability to enhance current programs and add additional programs.
  • Enrollment Growth – the term “college” is defined differently in some markets.  In some areas of the United States, “colleges” are viewed as two-year programs.  Internationally, “college” is often synonymous with high school.  By adopting the University name we are opening doors that will support our enrollment goals.
  • Student Enhancements – our students are already benefiting from the variety of educational delivery methods offered.  Our emphasis will remain as a residential campus with the majority of classes offered in a classroom setting.  We do recognize the value of offering online classes and programs that allow students in particular programs the flexibility of completing degrees off-site.  The name change also brings added clarity and credibility when students are applying for graduate school and employment.  We feel that as we move toward our increased enrollment goals, we will have the fiscal ability to improve our campus environment and student experience.


What other changes can we expect?

In addition to the logo change, we will need to make a few more changes to complete the name change process.  Most notably, we will eventually change the web site URL domain and e-mail addresses.  Once the new URL domain and e-mail addresses are established, there will be a 6 -12 month transition period during which the address we are using now will be redirected.  We will keep you informed about this process.


How does the name change affect alumni?

This change was strongly supported by surveyed alumni. Our alumni are not only proud of what Jamestown College is historically but also excited about the future as the University of Jamestown and all that is ahead of us.