As the old saying goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”


That is why any communication concerning University of Jamestown needs to be as professional and consistent as possible. Initial contact with University of Jamestown often occurs through printed materials such as letters, brochures, advertising and the Internet. For these reasons it is important that your visual materials project a clear, consistent image that reflects the character and quality of the institution.

A consistent presentation of University of Jamestown is an integral part of our “brand” in the marketplace. It helps build name recognition and advances our mission. The success of this program, which includes everything from advertising and publications to stationary, business cards, Web sites, press releases, and so on, depends on the employees at University of Jamestown.

The Office of Institutional Advancement has a twofold purpose in relations to media: to keep the campus and greater community informed and engaged and to promote the image of University of Jamestown. This is accomplished through institutional publications, advertising, media relations, and through helping departments with these projects and their special events. The following is a list of rules and regulations set forth by the Office of Marketing.

Visual Identity

In order to maintain graphic integrity, authorized vendors and organizations that need to reproduce the official logo or other official graphics must obtain permission from the Office of Marketing rather than attempt to recreate graphic material or copy from the internet.

Graphic Design Services

The Office of Marketing is responsible for the design of printed materials. The graphic design staff is available to assist in the design and complete production of virtually any visual item including, but not limited to: flyers, brochures, newsletters, program sheets, posters, printed material for Internet, Alumni & Friends magazine, recruitment publications including search pieces, bounce back materials, view books, event invitations, and any other materials used.

University Name

University of Jamestown should be spelled out on first reference in publication text. For in-house publications only, on second reference UJ or the University may be used. For all outside publications University of Jamestown should be used in full.

University Logos

Using the official logo eliminates the confusion of different visual messages and helps to maintain a more uniform identity for University of Jamestown. Contact Donna Schmitz, Director of Design and Publications, with logo questions.

The official University of Jamestown logo should always appear on the following publications: recruitment material for students, catalogs and class schedules, external publications (including student activities), University and department newsletters, forms, development publications, University policy publications, University stationery and business cards, recruitment materials for faculty and staff and all advertising.

Unofficial Logos

Other graphic identities may be considered by completing the following Organizational Graphic Identity Form. This form must receive Approval of the graphic identity by the Office of Marketing.

College Colors

The official colors of University of Jamestown are black, orange and white. The official orange color is PANTONE Matching System (PMS) solid (spot) color 172. Because PMS solid colors are guides for mixing ink, paint, and other pigments, they can only be approximated in process-color (four-color) printing and on Web pages.


In an effort to maintain consistency all athletic teams must be represented using the official logo, the “J” or the Jimmie Knight (this includes uniforms, apparel, and letterheads). When reference is made to the “Jimmies” it should be done so after University of Jamestown. Any deviation from the above-mentioned must have prior approval from the Office of Marketing.

Use of UJ and Jimmies

Please refrain from referring to University of Jamestown as JC or Jimmies unless University of Jamestown has been previously identified.

Use of the Tagline

All efforts should be made to refrain from using any tagline other than the standard “Your Success. Our Tradition” or “Your Journey to Success.” Please see the Office of Marketing for consideration of alternate taglines.

Time Frame for Publications

The office is a support entity for the whole University, not just certain departments. Please allow TWO weeks (initial consultation to printed piece) for brochures, posters and other publications requiring design and copywriting which are printed internally. Projects that require external printing may take up to THREE weeks for completion.


Content and Proofreading

It is the sole responsibility of the department, organization, faculty, staff, or administrator(s) submitting the project to make sure the content contained in the publication is correct, updated and proofread before it goes to print. The Office of Marketing’s services include concept, design, production supervision, consultations and estimates (not proofreading). Obvious grammatical errors may be corrected but the final product must be proofread by the department, organization, etc. who submitted the work.

Internal Vs. External Printing

You have the option of printing your publication in-house or using an external printing source (Note: the Office of Marketing is not responsible for the supervision of any printing done by the Service Department). Please be aware that while using an external printer may provide you with a wider variety of printing options, the cost for doing so is usually significantly more than printing in house. If you are using an external printer you must check with the vendor to see what file formats are acceptable.

Professional Photos

Photographs taken by professionals are to be used exclusively by the Office of Marketing unless prior approval has been granted.

Letterhead and Envelopes

Official envelopes bearing the University of Jamestown logo are available in the Service Department. Thank you note cards are also available.

Business Cards

Printed business cards are available through the Office of Marketing by contacting Erin Klein (ext: 5472).

The Bookstore

The University of Jamestown Bookstore should make every effort to comply with this document in the design of apparel and other inventory items made available for sale. Exceptions should be reviewed with the IA office together with the V.P. for Business Affairs.


If you or your group is found to be in violation of the media guidelines, University of Jamestown reserves the right to deny funding for your project.