The University of Jamestown Nursing Students Association (NSA) announces a team of students is offering a Hands-Only CPR course to interested groups in the community.

The program is modeled after Montana’s Gallatin Heart Rescue project, an initiative which has resulted in thousands of citizens learning the Hands-Only CPR method, thus improving the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest. NSA worked with Joan Enderle, communications director for American Heart Association Midwest Affiliate Mission: Lifeline Public Education, as well as representatives from the Gallatin Project, to organize the course.

The Hands-Only approach emphasizes “call 911 and push hard and fast,” continuing chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth breaths until emergency personnel arrive on the scene.

“Even if one life is saved because someone learned how to do compressions from our class, then our efforts will be worth it,” says Katie Stumpf, NSA President. “It’s so easy and takes so little time; I think everyone should take the half hour to learn how to save someone else’s life.”

In addition to receiving support from the University of Jamestown Student Senate, the NSA was awarded $2,000 for the project from the Montana Dakota Utilities Resources Foundation. Funds will be used to purchase AED trainers for the group’s teaching bins, to train more UJ nursing students to teach the class, and to develop promotional materials.

The class is offered free of charge, and a group size of about 15 people is ideal. For more information or to schedule the class, contact adviser Teree Rittenbach at 320-3854 or rittenba@uj.edu or Abigail Wenzel at AWenzel@uj.edu.

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