Concert to celebrate PDQ Bach April 6

The Jamestown College Department of Music and special guests will present a PDQ Bach festival concert at 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 6 in Voorhees Chapel. The concert is free and open to the public.

PDQ Bach, the brainchild and alter ego of composer Peter Schickele, has been regarded as a forgotten son of the Bach family known for his parodies of classical music and slapstick comedy. He has been called a “pimple on the face of music,” “the worst musician ever to have trod organ pedals,” “the most dangerous musician since Nero,” and other things not quite so complimentary.

“Our own (Jamestown College President) Bob Badal has unfortunately done extensive ‘research’ into this musical madness and will bring out some of the more ghastly skeletons in PDQ Bach’s closet,” says Dr. Richard Walentine, music department chairman. “The audience can expect to have its ears, and hopefully its funnybone, tickled by sounds they would never otherwise call music.”

Performers include the Jamestown College Concert Choir, Chapel Choir and Wind Ensemble; the Death Panel Quartet; Dr. William Wojnar and David Morlock on the Black-Schlossman Memorial Organ; Dr. Timothy Bratton and Justine Pringle on viola; Robert Heinzen, tenor; Nathan Kopperud, tenor; Leanne Villareal, soprano; Dr. Richard Walentine, baritone and piano; and Benjamin Schneider on devious instruments.

“We are pleased to welcome the Jamestown Choralaires and Fargo’s Dakota Harmony to the mayhem,” Dr. Walentine says. “Our own Frabjous Faculty Foursome will also make its final public appearance.”

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