Working at University of Jamestown

Work Study is a great way to help pay for your undergraduate education while working part-time.

There are several benefits to working on campus, including:  $8.00/hour minimum wage ($8.50/hour if you choose to work for Campus Dining or the Physical Plant), flexible hours, opportunity to use your earnings to pay toward your school bill (or you can use it for extra spending money), no commute time –just to name a few!

To give you an example of the time commitment, if you have a $1000/year work study award, that is about four hours/week for the entire school year. Some weeks you may work more or less depending on your schedule or the workload.

Recognizing the importance of your academic and activity experiences, we try to schedule your work around your classes in such a way as to allow you to do a good job and to earn the total amount you were awarded.

Please keep in mind that Work Study is only one type of job on campus. There are non-work study positions on-campus and other part time employment jobs off-campus too.

Please review the tabs for additional information about the University of Jamestown’s Work Study Programs.

Job Information

  • Work Study jobs are available for eligible students: Contact Cassie DuBray 701-252-3467 x 5336, visit 313 Liechty Center Taber Hall, or click on the Positions tab.
  • Visit 313 Liechty Center Taber Hall for information on on-campus employment information. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8 5 p.m.


Federal Work Study (FWS)

Per Federal Guidelines:

  • Eligibility for FWS is determined by the Financial Aid Office based upon stringent criteria set forth by the U.S. Department of Education in compliance with 34 CFR 675.
  • Students must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the application process for FWS assistance.
  • Students must demonstrate financial need through the financial aid application process, receive an award, and accept the offer.
  • Students must maintain good standing and satisfactory academic progress while employed in the program.
  • Students must be accepted for enrollment as a full time student or at least half time as an undergraduate student.
  • Students must not be in default on any federal Title IV loan program and not owe a repayment of a federal grant or scholarship.
  • Students must be a citizens, immigrants, refugees, or permanent resident aliens of the U.S.
  • Additional information can be obtained from the Office of Financial Aid.

Institutional Work Study (IWS)

  • If a student does not qualify for FWS or has a special skill or ability, she/he may be eligible for IWS.
  • The IWS award will be renewed each year depending on the student’s financial need and according to the amount that their work study supervisor has requested of the work study coordinator.

Student Responsibilities

Students must follow a set of professional standards including:

  • Performing his/her job as detailed by job description provided by the department supervisor.
  • Follow the work schedule arranged by the student and the supervisor
  • Notify supervisor if unable to perform his/her work duties due to illness or other circumstances.
  • Discuss any work related problems with the appropriate supervisor.
  • Give the supervisor at least one week’s notice before terminating a job assignment.
  • Perform tasks in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Students are not allowed to work during scheduled class hours.
  • Students must stop working when their work award is fully earned or when the employment period ends.
  • Time sheets must be signed by both the supervisor and student and must be turned in according to payroll deadlines.

Student Regulation and Rules of Conduct (As stated in the Student Handbook)

General Guidelines: This policy includes the following guidelines, and requires that each member of the campus community abide by the following:

  • Respect the rights of others to freedom from harassment or intimidation: Causing the work or University experience of others to be disrupted by sending abusive or unwanted material is a violation of University policies and may violate the law; therefore, it is unacceptable.
  • Respect copyright and other intellectual-property rights: The copying of files, passwords or information that is owned by someone else without appropriate permission will be considered a violation of University policies, a violation of the law, and may constitute fraud, plagiarism or theft. All software licensed by the University must be used only in accordance with applicable license agreements.
  • Identify yourself clearly and accurately in electronic communication: The use of false or unauthorized identifications or affiliations appears to dissociate you from responsibility for your actions and is considered inappropriate.
  • Abide by security restrictions on all systems and information: The security measures and mechanisms have been established to protect individuals and information. Any attempt to disrupt or otherwise circumvent these security provisions, or to assist others to do so, is a serious violation of University policies.
  • Use resources efficiently: All computing equipment, network resources and user accounts are owned by University of Jamestown and are to be used exclusively for University related activities. This includes legitimate instructional, research, administrative and other approved activities. University of Jamestown reserves the right to access personal storage on the University’s system if an unlawful act, or a violation of University policies, is suspected.
  • Recognize limitations to privacy in electronic communications: When utilizing electronic communications, it is important to remember that although you specify a specific audience for your communications, the nature of electronic communication allows for a much wider viewing audience. The security of electronic information on shared systems and networks is approximately that of paper documents in an unsealed envelope – generally respected, but able to be breached by someone determined to do so.

On-Line and Social Media Conduct

  • Passwords are utilized to grant access to on-line networks to authorized members only. It is the responsibility of each and every member to hold these passwords in confidence and not disclose them to any other member or third party. You will be held responsible and will be liable for any harm resulting if you disclose or allow disclosure of passwords. Attempting to bypass system security by the use of unauthorized passwords is a violation of University of Jamestown policy and will be dealt with accordingly.

Offensive Communication

  • Any use of vulgar, abusive or offensive language (as perceived by the recipient of the communication) is strictly prohibited. Harassment: Using on-line systems, social media or other resources (i.e. text messaging) to target an individual or group with the intent of causing distress, embarrassment, injury, unwanted attention or other substantial discomfort is harassment and is prohibited. Personal attacks based on an individual’s race, national origin, ethnicity, handicap, religion, gender, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other such characteristics or affiliations are prohibited.

Offensive Graphic Files / Audio Files: 

  • The transmission (i.e., uploading, downloading, posting, linking to) of sexually explicit images or other content the University deems offensive is prohibited. Unsolicited transmission of these materials may constitute harassment, and as such, is prohibited.  Furthermore, such material may be deemed illegal and transmitters of such material may be subject to local, state and /or federal legal action.

Online Social Networks (ie. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter)

  • All University of Jamestown students are responsible for the content of their online social networks. The University, as a general rule, does not patrol online media for student conduct. Students should be apprised that although the University of Jamestown administration has no policy to either patrol or monitor online social networks, violations of University policy (e.g. harassing language, drug violations, or alcohol violations) discovered on online social networks are nevertheless subject to investigation and penalty. The University reserves the right to handle incidents on online social networks expressly contrary to University of Jamestown student conduct policy at the discretion of the University administration on a case-by-case basis.


  • Communicating information while utilizing a false identification or an identification that you are not authorized to use is prohibited. Chain Letters and Pyramid Schemes: The creation, transmission and/or propagation of information relating to chain letters or pyramid schemes are prohibited. Some of these are not only illegal, but may disrupt the network services.

Improper Advertising/Solicitation

  • Use of any on-line network to send unsolicited advertising, promotional material or other forms of solicitation to others is prohibited, except when permitted by law, not prohibited by University policies and in those areas that are designated for such a purpose, for example, a classified ad area. Use proper e-mail lists to avoid spamming.

Personal Websites & Blogs

  • Content of personal homepages is the responsibility of the account owner. Any content on personal homepages or blogs that violate school policy will be subject to immediate removal – this includes, but is not limited to, images, sounds or linking to any pages with content that violates University of Jamestown policy or general community property.

For Returning Students:

  • Job placement begins in April/May of the previous school year and is added to Financial Aid packages.
  • The department supervisor needs to evaluate the student employee’s performance regarding their work over the previous term.
  • A written evaluation using the work study employee performance evaluation form is recommended. Please complete the evaluation to give the student accurate feedback on his/her performance. After completion, please turn the job evaluation into the Work Study Coordinator.
  • Supervisors will report back to the Work Study Coordinator reviewing students they want to return as well as reporting new requests or positions in which they have vacancies.

For New Students:

  • Job placement begins in June at SOAR and continues throughout the school year as students become eligible for work study.
  • Students must complete the Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9) within three business days of the date employment begins.
  • Students must complete the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4) before he/she can be paid.
  • Students receiving a work study award are asked what their employment placement preference is.
  • The student will only be assigned to a department that has a job vacancy and has a job description already on file.
  • The department supervisor will discuss the job requirements of the department including duties, dress code, departmental polices etc. with the student. If the student meets the requirements, the supervisor and student will create a work schedule and schedule an orientation session.

Please complete your time sheet accurately and legibly!

Each and every work day,

  1. Record your start time and your end time, and
  2. Convert the total number of minutes worked as indicated by the table below.

5 minutes = 0.08 hours                     35 minutes = 0.58 hours

10 minutes = 0.17 hours                       40 minutes = 0.67 hours

15 minutes = 0.25 hours                       45 minutes = 0.75 hours

20 minutes = 0.33 hours                       50 minutes = 0.83 hours

25 minutes = 0.42 hours                       55 minutes = 0.92 hours

30 minutes = 0.50 hours                       60 minutes = 1.00 hour


Example: Sept. 2 –

  • Start time is 1:00
  • End time is 2:45 (i.e.,1 hour and 45 minutes)
  • Break for class
  • Start time is 3:25
  • End time 5:00 (i.e.,1 hour and 35 minutes)

This student worked 1 hour and 45 minutes (or 1.75 hr) plus 1 hour 35 minutes (or 1.58 hr) for a total of 3.33 hours on Sept 2.


Each STUDENT is responsible for submitting his/her SIGNED time sheet(s) to his/her supervisor(s) by 5:00 pm on the cut off date.  (See pertinent dates below.)


Pay Periods for Fall 2014 – Spring 2015


Cut Off Date

Time Sheets Due

at Noon

Pay Day

Tues. Sept. 30, 2014 Wed. Oct. 1, 2014 Fri. Oct. 10, 2014
Fri. Oct. 31, 2014 Mon. Nov. 3, 2014 Mon. Nov. 10, 2014
Fri. Nov. 28, 2014 Mon. Dec. 1, 2014 Wed. Dec. 10, 2014
Wed. Dec. 31, 2014 Fri. Jan. 2, 2015 Fri. Jan. 9, 2015
Fri. Jan. 30, 2015 Mon. Feb. 2, 2015 Tues. Feb. 10, 2015
Fri. Feb. 20, 2015 Mon. Feb. 23, 2015 Wed. Mar. 4, 2015
Tues. Mar. 31, 2015 Wed. Apr. 1, 2015 Fri. Apr. 10, 2015
Thurs. Apr. 30, 2015 Fri. May 1, 2015 Thurs. May 7, 2015
Fri. May 8, 2015 Mon. May 11, 2015 Wed. May 20, 2015

Print or Download

Time Sheet Example Time Sheet Instructions Time Sheet (Blank)
Student Employment Application Campus Employment Form Work Study Award Tracking Sheet

Students can use this worksheet to keep track of their Federal Work-Study earnings to ensure that they stay within the limits of their allotted award amount.

Confidentiality Form

Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9)

Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate (W-4)

First-time hires (students who have never been paid through the UJ Payroll system before) are required to fill out the following forms and return them to the Work Study Coordinator. Copies of these forms are also available in the Business Office or the Work Study Coordinator’s Office.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

This form should be completed and returned to the Work Study Office when a student is ending a job before the end of the academic year.

Students who complete employment for an entire academic year should be evaluated at the end of that academic year.




Job Title




Lab Technician Academic Computing Center
(Help Desk)
Tim Kachel Open
Student Assistant Art Sharon Cox Filled
Kiln Master Art Sharon Cox Filled
Gallery Manager Art Sharon Cox Filled
Student Assistant Athletics Nick Becker Open
Greenhouse Manager/ Animal Caretaker Biology Cindy Ault Filled
Student Assistant Biology Cindy Ault Filled
Teaching Assistant Biology Cindy Ault Filled
Cashier Bookstore Tanya Ostlie Filled
Office Assistant Business Office Linda Patch Filled
Student Assistant Business/Economics Vicky Greshik Filled
Marketing Intern Career Center Pat Rinde Open
Lab Prep Assistant Chemistry Dr. Anthony Amaro Filled
Teaching Assistant Chemistry Dr. Anthony Amaro Filled
Student Assistant Communication Dana Creasy Filled
Computer Lab Monitor Computer Science Mary Reed Open
Tutor Computer Science Mary Reed Open
Teaching Assistant Criminal Justice Dr. Jim Stone Open
Student Assistant Development Marlene Wiest Filled
Team Member:Dish Room Dining Services (operated by Aramark) Esther Zoss Open
Team Member: Front House Dining Services (operated by Aramark) Esther Zoss Open
Team Member: Station Cook Dining Services (operated by Aramark) Esther Zoss Open
Team Member: Cook/Cashier Dining Services (operated by Aramark) Esther Zoss Open
America Reads Tutor Education Dr. Caroline Hagen Filled
Student Assistant Education Dr. Caroline Hagen Filled
Student Assistant English Dr. David Godfrey Filled
Student Assistant Financial Aid Office Becky Ukestad Filled
Tutor Foreign Language Cecil Roth Open
Foss Manager Foss Wellness Center Jon Hegerle Filled
Student Assistant Foss Wellness Center Jon Hegerle Filled
Student Assistant History Dr. Mark Joy Open
Resident Hall Assistant Housing Jenna Brehm Filled
Lifeguard James River Family Fitness Center (Formerly YMCA) Dani Paul Open
Front Desk Clerk James River Family Fitness Center (Formerly YMCA) Dani Paul Open
Group Fitness Instructor James River Family Fitness Center (Formerly YMCA) Dani Paul Open
Classroom Assistant James River Family Fitness Center (Formerly YMCA) Dani Paul Open
Student Assistant Kinesiology Chris Mahoney Filled
Tutor Learning Advising Center Lori Listopad Open
Acquisitions Assistant Library Brenda Fischer Filled
Circulation Desk Night Supervisor Library Brenda Fischer Filled
Circulation Desk Staff Library Brenda Fischer Filled
Circulation Desk Weekend Staff Library Brenda Fischer Filled
Technical Services Assistant Library Brenda Fischer Filled
Student Assistant Math Ashish Patel Filled
Tutor Math Ashish Patel Filled
Music Library Assistant Music Dr. Rick Walentine Filled
Piano Accompanist Music Dr. Rick Walentine Open
Choir Tour Manager Music Dr. Rick Walentine Open
Student Lab Assistant Nursing Vicky Frigen Filled
Student Office Assistant Nursing Vicky Frigen Filled
Student Assistant Office of Admission (Admission Counselor) Rita Jarrett Open
Student Assistant Office of Admission (Dean of Enrollment Management) Rita Jarrett Open
Student Assistant Office of Admission (Dir. Of First Impressions) Rita Jarrett Open
Student Services/Housekeeping Physical Plant Arlene Botner Open
Student Services/Maintenance Physical Plant Arlene Botner Open
Mail Clerk Post Office Tanya Ostlie Filled
Office Assistant President’s Office Erin Klein Filled
Student Assistant Public Relations/Marketing Tena Lawrence Filled
Office Assistant Registrar’s Office Mike Woodley Filled
Student Assistant Religion/Philosophy Dr. Stephen Reed Open
Copy Room Aide Service Colette Heilman Open
Graphic Designer Student Activities John Lynch Filled
L2 DJ/Technical Coordinator Student Activities John Lynch Open
L2 Event Manager Student Activities John Lynch Open
L2 Event Staff Student Activities John Lynch Open
Public Relations Coordinator Student Activities John Lynch Filled
SAC Photographer Student Activities John Lynch Open
Student Activities Chairperson Student Activities John Lynch Filled
Box Office Assistant Theatre Mike McIntyre Filled
Rehearsal Accompanist Theatre Mike McIntyre Open
Scene Shop Staff Theatre Mike McIntyre Open

*If a description is not available for a position you are interested in, please contact the supervisor for that department for more information.

Examples of aid include:
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Performance Awards
  • Journey Awards
  • 1,000 students from 31 states and 13 countries
  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio
  • On-campus residence halls
  • 98% average placement rate in 2010 & 2011