Think you can’t afford us? Think again! As a prospective student, we want you to know that a quality education is within your reach.

Many families do not even consider a quality private education because they do not get beyond “sticker shock.” In fact, for many students and their families, a private education may be the best value! University of Jamestown’s cost, before financial aid is awarded, is about half the cost of many other private, four-year colleges. With financial aid, our students graduate with less debt than their peers attending North Dakota’s major public universities.

Nearly 100 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid. Our aid packages are based on individual need as well as on academic merit, leadership and special talents. Try out our Academic Scholarship Calculator to get an estimate of your academic award.

Academic School Year 2016-2017

Competitive Academic Tuition Scholarships


Minimum GPA

Minimum ACT/SAT (R+M)

Full Tuition Wilson Scholar (2) Full Tuition 3.5 ACT 24/SAT 1090
Wilson Scholar (2) $56,000 ($14,000/year) 3.5 ACT 24/SAT 1090





Merit Academic Scholarships


Minimum GPA

Minimum ACT/SAT (R+M)

Presidential Scholarship $40,000 ($10,000/year) 3.7 ACT 26/SAT 1180
Honor Scholarship $32,000 ($8,000/year) 3.4 ACT 23/SAT 1070
Trustee Scholarship $28,000 ($7,000/year) 3.00 ACT 21/SAT 1000
The Knight Award $24,000 ($6,000/year) 2.50 ACT 19/SAT 900
Music Major Award

$3000-$6500 n/a audition required

Activity Tuition Awards


Minimum GPA


Fine Arts Participation Award (Music, Theatre, & Art) $  500-$3000 n/a Audition
Dance Activity Award $  2500 n/a Audition
Athletic Award

Varies n/a Coach’s Decision

*Other Tuition Awards


Minimum GPA

Minimum ACT/SAT (R+M) or other requirement

Mel Arnold Science and Mathmatics Scholarship $1,500/year 3.5 ACT –Math/Science Reasoning 24/SAT (R+M)/1090
Legacy Award $2000/year n/a Parent, grandparent, or sibling must have graduated from or is currently attending the University of Jamestown


  • All scholarships and awards are tuition – based only (cannot be applied to room and meal plans)
  • *An academic scholarship may be combined with one “activity” and one “other” award/scholarship. No award can be combined with a Wilson Scholarship.


IMPORTANT:  To Maximize scholarship and financial aid opportunities, students are encourged to apply early.


Examples of aid include:
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Fine Arts Performance Awards
  • Journey Awards

  • 1,000 students from 37 states and 17 countries

  • 13:1 student-faculty ratio

  • On-campus residence halls

  • 98% average placement rate in 2010 & 2011