First Year & Transfer Student Scholarship Program 2017-2018

Academic Scholarship Program

The University of Jamestown’s scholarship program is an annual award for all four years of your attendance. Example: A student receiving a $10,000 Presidential award has a total award of $40,000 over four years. All full-time degree seeking students will qualify for an academic scholarship. The following scholarships are awarded upon acceptance to the University of Jamestown and are based upon the student’s academic performance. The University of Jamestown provides either a Resident or Commuter based scholarship program. Please visit with your Admissions Counselor to find your award amount.

Freshman: Academic Merit Based
Name Resident Commuter
Presidential $10,000 $7,500
Dean’s $9,000 $6,750
Honors $8,000 $6,000
Trustee $7,000 $5,250
Knight $6,000 $4,500

*The freshman academic scholarship award is based upon a student’s cumulative GPA and ACT results. Please visit with your Admissions Counselor to determine your award.

Transfer: Academic Merit Based
Name GPA Resident Commuter
Transfer Scholarship 3.6 $10,000 $7,500
Transfer Scholarship 3.4 $9,000 $6,750
Transfer Scholarship 3.2 $8,000 $6,000
Transfer Scholarship 2.8 $7,000 $5,250
Transfer Scholarship 2.0 $6,000 $4,500
*Phi Theta Kappa 3.8 $11,000 $8,250

*Students must be an active member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

Wilson Scholarship Program

All qualifying freshman students are allowed to compete at a scholarship day competition. The academic requirement to participate in the scholarship competition is a 3.5 GPA, and a 24 ACT.

Freshman Competition Based Scholarships
Name Resident Commuter
Full tuition Wilson Full tuition varies
Wilson Scholarship $14,000 $10,500
Distinguished $1,000 $750
2017-18 dates to be announced soon.

Other Scholarship Awards

The University of Jamestown offers additional awards ranging from major-related scholarships to fine-arts participant scholarships, alumni referral and legacy status awards, as well as athletic scholarships. Please visit with your Admissions Counselor to discuss which awards that you may be eligible to receive.

Name Resident Commuter
Mel Arnold $1,500 $1,125
Legacy Award $1,000 $750
Music/Fine Arts Major Award $3,000-$6,500 Varies
Music/Fine Arts Participation $2,000-$3,000 Varies
Athletic Varies Varies
Alumni referral $250 $188
Dance $2,000 $1,500

Presbyterian Church (USA) Servant Leadership $1,000 $750

Regional Scholarships

The Regional Scholarship programs are for the high school graduates from the states of ND, SD, MT, and MN who are not receiving an athletic or participation scholarship.

Name Resident Commuter
Regional Award $2,000 $1,500
Room/Board Award Varies N/A

(The Room/Board award does not increase yearly.)

Canadian Scholarships

The Canada Connect scholarship program is for those international students that graduated from a high school in Canada who are not receiving an athletic or participation scholarship.

Name Resident Commuter
Canada Connect $2,000 $1,500

The University of Jamestown calculates award packages based upon the direct costs of the student. We will work directly with every student and his/her family, considering financial circumstances and resources, in preparing the student’s financial aid package. Please review the Resident and Commuter Scholarship program requirements.

A student must be making satisfactory academic progress toward his or her degree to continue receiving an academic scholarship.

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