If you are interested in a hands-on approach to studying television, newspaper, radio, and other forms of mass media, and the way that media affects our culture, we invite you to join our dynamic team of teachers and learners in an exciting journey to realize your potential and fulfill your promise.

University of Jamestown Mass Communication Distinctions

At University of Jamestown you have the unique opportunity to blend hands-on training in television, newspaper, and web communication with a solid grounding in the theories and practicalities of the field of communication. With our diverse set of majors and related concentrations you can tailor your individual program of study to suit your particular needs, interests, and career aspirations. Distinctions of the University of Jamestown Mass Communication program include:

  • Hands-on learning opportunities in one of North Dakota’s only convergent media center
  • Award-winning student newspaper, The Collegian
  • State-of-the art cable television studio, JCTV
  • Two communication majors with four concentrations
  • Small class sizes with the focus on excellence in teaching and student learning
  • Significant opportunities for international study, hands-on field experience, and co-curricular activities


Proven Success

  • Successful student-driven communication research
  • Students regularly score at the top at the Red River Student Communication Conference
  • University of Jamestown communication majors have achieved success in many diverse areas of employment and at graduate school

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As course offerings can change from semester to semester, working with the Registrar’s office will ensure that your courses are kept on schedule so that you can graduate in four years.

Irene Paasch, PhDProfessor

Certifications/Degrees: MA, Columbia University; PhD, University of Kansas
Teaches: Oral Interpretation of Literature; Interpersonal Communication; Communication Theory; Cross-Cultural Communication; Nonverbal Communication; Diversity Communication; International Communication; and Communication Honors Research Methods
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Certifications/Degrees: MA in Mass Communication, North Dakota State University and BA in English (writing) and History-Political Science, University of Jamestown.
Teaches: Fundamentals of Public Speaking; Writing in the Professions; Conflict Management and Negotiation; Organizational Communication; Character in Leadership Freshman and Senior Seminar; Character in Leadership II and III.

Certifications/Degrees: MA, North Dakota State University
Teaches: Public Speaking

Periodically, departments do employ adjunct faculty when full-time faculty do not have time within their schedules to teach all courses which the university wishes to be taught. Additionally, sometimes there is a community member or member of the staff at the University of Jamestown that holds a skill or has had education which makes it possible to teach a course which cannot otherwise be taught by regular full-time faculty. This list does change semester-to-semester.

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  • Irene Paasch, PhD Professor | PH: 701-252-3467 ext. 5578